The Essence of God

  • The Bible teaches that God is a Spirit and we must worship within our Spirit and truth.
  • God is the breath of life; Yogis call this prana.
  • God is neither male or female but rather energy- consciousness; Spirit is our unifying being.
  • The Old Testament Bible forbade making images of God to worship- this practice distorts the essence of God.
  • When a person becomes wise, beautiful, healthy and holy, people are generally attracted to them because they are manifesting a greater degree of the essence of God whom is pure and untainted. We desire to become like that because it feels clean, safe and tranquil; but we must remember that it is not the vessel (the person) that we long for, but rather the Spirit within them- the essence of God.

Eight Practices to Develop the Essence of God in Your Life

  1. Prayer- Talking to Spirit or that higher consciousness as friend to friend. Giving thanks or gratitude. Asking for help.
  2. Meditation- Inner stillness. “Be still and know…”
  3. Commitment to High Vibes Life- healthy body, mind and spirit.
  4. Do no harm- Practice the art of making everywhere you go and all whom your life touches better for you having been there, even if you merely say a blessing over it.
  5. Spend Lots of time out in nature, alone- Sit out in nature where you can be alone and soak in it’s essence and beauty. Really focus your attention on every living presence around you and then realize within that it is Spirit’s essence that animates, colors, and gives it all life. Realize that the same spirit resides within you.
  6. Do not limit God- When you allow God to be I AM, and open your mind to the limitlessness of God, the essence of God will flow freely through you and all around you. Consider the Bible gives over 900 names to God; some of these are; Creator, Purifier, Holy, Mighty, Provider, Protector, Healer, Banner, I Am, Peace, Righteousness, Shepherd, Everlasting, Seeing, Star, Stone, Son, Author, First, Last, Ancient, Anointed . . . in other words, all encompassing. The Bible also says that we are God’s offspring and that in Spirit we live and move and have our being. So please do not shut your heart when someone thousands of years later relates to God as Universe or Spirit. These too are all-encompassing endearments of the self-same Spirit.
  7. Seek truth in all teachings. We are all teachers and we are all students- all the time.
  8. Acknowledge the divinity in all creation, whether people, animals, plants or earth- Namaste!

Bullying – Victim Paradigm- Identifying and breaking free from it!

No one likes to be bullied. Today, awareness of bullying is mounting. Many people are going all out to put the breaks on it. Bullying does not just happen among school children. It goes on in adult circles all the time- in relationships, on the job, in groups and societies. If we want to make a big impact on curb-tailing bullying we need to recognize the signs and do what we can to put a stop to it. Our efforts to control bullying in school age children will be very limited as long as we continue to teach them bullying by our actions. Whether we are being bullied or we realize we are the bully- we need to own it and stop it, so we can begin to shift the vibration from a power-struggle world to a world of equality and harmony.


In this “Teasing verses Taunting” chart we have a list that can be applicable to a variety of situations. Ask yourself as you read over it, “Where do I fall on the chart? Where does my relationship with …….. fall? What about my job? My family? My church? Am I or are they incorporating bullying techniques?

Bullying is a manipulative way of getting what one wants. The bully preys on ones that have a weaker constitution than them or a perceived inferior position. The bully is usually a wounded person who at sometime in their life felt like a victim and bullying was their way of shoring up against ever being in that position again.

Religious groups often use means of bullying- cloaking it in a cover of a “love for the soul.” But when they have to bully converts into staying and submitting to their protocol, they have only gained a proselyte and not a true devotee. They will eventually end up with a group of dependent, beat-down, unmotivated individuals with little ability to reason logically, to empathize truly or to think for themselves.

The same results are seen at places of employment or governed societies where bullying is a means of control; it creates a dependent, unmotivated, discontent society that no longer can discern bad choices from good choices because they have so long been bullied into someone else’s choices for them.

You may think that you do not fall on the chart of bullying/victim at all. This is a rare case. Bullying is about control and can show up in very subtle ways. It takes a conscientious person to really identify their part in the bigger picture. I have seen this manipulative controlling attitude come out among closest friends.

These patterns can be broken. As we break free from the hierarchical  paradigm of “us verses them” we become an ensign of freedom, light, and peace. We each have to own our part in the bigger picture. Are we playing a victim role by allowing others to bully us and not taking responsibility for our own life choices? Are we coercing, threatening, shaming, punishing, demeaning anyone else in an attempt to change them or cause them to do what we desire them to do?

To get out from underneath a bully we have to be very deliberate in our choices and begin to respond rather than react to them. We have to master the art of saying NO! We have to think about what someone is requiring of us, weigh it out to see if it is a benefit and asset to our life, and if not reject it. This takes a lot of courage for those who are used to allowing others to always have the upper-hand.

If you are a bully, you need to spend time alone and contemplate why you feel like you need to control others. You need to learn the art of being present with what is and trusting the process of life. By getting in touch with your own vulnerability and accepting it, you will begin to naturally let go of the need to control others.

Both the bully and victim need to understand, that they are creating their reality everyday, by their thoughts, by their choices, by their actions. Both need to own this truth and make a commitment to shift their vibration from where it is to a place of give and take- a place of allowing- allowing others to be where they are without having to justify or make excuse for them or control them, and allowing yourself to feel your true emotions, accepting them and working through them.

Bullying is not just among school children, in fact, bullying begins with their caretakers! What examples are we leaving in this world when it comes to bullying? As an individual, as a society, as humanity? When your children observe you do they see someone confident in the process of life or someone who yells, argues, threatens and even gets physically aggressive when things are not going their way? Do they see someone that is confident in their own skin or someone who is always seeking out others to tell them what to do and then blaming everyone else for their lot in life?

Think about it! I have, and I have done something about it in my own life. Consequently I am so much happier and free!

Raise Your Vibrations Quickly

Sometimes we just feel stuck in a low vibration; we may feel sad, irritated, frustrated or just unmotivated. In this five-minute video I will share with you some tips to quickly raise your vibrations and help get you feeling better.
Just like when a car gets stuck in the mud, these tips are like that truck and pulley that can help get you out of the muddy-graws! The tips are simple and easy to implement.

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Energy Clearing Your Home- Quick and Simple

The energy in our home should be tranquil and uplifting. But sometimes its not so. Fights, negative telecasting, illness and many other happenings can cause the vibrations of our home to lower and the energy to become unhealthy. Just like anything else in this world, energy needs periodic cleaning.
In this video I will share with you a few quick and simple techniques that I have implemented that have proven effective at raising the energy vibrations of my home.

The Wisdom of Weeding

daisyGrasp this concept. Every good gardener knows that a beautiful garden begins with weeding. And then weeding has to be maintained.

Now apply this to other areas of your life. You want a nice, clean organized home? Identify and get rid of all the weeds- all the things that clutter and disorganize your home. You want your relationship with your partner to be more romantic and passionate? Identify all the things that suck away the nutrients of that relationship and get rid of them. You want to feel beautiful and healthy? Identify and get rid of all those things that make you feel sickly and ugly.

Really, the entire concept behind weeding a garden can be life transforming. Once the weeds are removed, then we can clearly see what remains and what needs to be added. We can begin to create what we most desire.

Is there an area of your life you feel frustrated with and unhappy about? Sit down with your journal and make a mental diagram of what you wish it to be like or feel like. Next. identify the weeds – the things that don’t belong in the picture; then, go to work on uprooting those things. Once the weeds are removed, start adding to the picture what you desire.

Ask yourself, “How do I want this relationship to feel? How do I want my home to feel? How do I want to feel in my own skin? Apply this exercise to any other problem area in your life, and watch the magic of co-creation happen!

Always remember, we get out of life what we put into it! Take time this weekend to dream and create the life you truly want to manifest.

Sunday’s Simple Pleasures

I love lazy Sunday mornings, nothing pressing, just hangin’ out in my PJ’s, soaking in life’s simple pleasures . . .

The warmth of a smooth mug of coffee
The flickering flame of a sweet scented candle
The crackling of a fire in the hearth
The comfort of house that holds your family

The stillness outside following a night of rain
Wafts of crisp, cool, clean breezes softly flowing in from an open window
Musical melodies of stringed instruments

Sleepy faces of loved ones rising up for the new day
A home-cooked breakfast of country-fried potatoes and eggs
Puppy-love lying nearby comfortably gnawing a bone from last nights dinner

Quiet meditation
Taking to prayer the needs others
Lifting your heart in gratitude to the great Spirit of all life

Happy Sunday!

Five Powerful Steps to Evoke Change in Any Situation

Do you want change?

  1. “Promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate.”  Whatever you focus on is where your energy and time are being spent; and what you give your energy and time to, focuswill increase. For example, perhaps you want your relationship with your spouse to improve- you want more romance, more attention and such. If your focus is on the lack of those things within the relationship, then the lack will increase. Instead, focus on what is right about the relationship and how you can add more richness to it.

Another example may be a societal change you want to see. Perhaps gun-control is a deep concern for you. Maybe you are worried that your right to bear arms is being threatened.  Focus on the reasons why bearing arms is a good idea, rather than on what will happen if you are “disarmed.” Give your time, attention and energy to promoting gun-safety and responsibility rather than bashing those that oppose guns.

  1. “Be the change that you want to see.” Feel and express yourself as if you are already enjoying the state of change you desire. When a love-relationship is romantic and passionate, you may smile more often, do extra little things for your special someone, dress a little sharper and wear cologne. Playing the part is a good place to start!

Someone who desires to retain the right to bear arms will simply bear arms, and practice safety and responsibility, being that example for others to see it is possible.

  1. Walk a mile in the oppositions shoes. Take their position for a while. Listen to their reasoning. When we just shake our fist and declare our position is the right position, we get absolutely nowhere. It only fuels the opposing side. No matter how right we believe we may be, there is another side to the story and we need to have a good understanding of it and respect for those who have opposing views.

IndifferenceThis is especially true in relationships. Many times family members lose their closeness because they take liberties that they would not take with a stranger. They feel because they are family they can just push their weight around and say exactly what they think with little consideration of the other’s feelings and views. Not only does this not help to bring someone to your point of view, it drives a wedge between you and your loved one that may never be able to be repaired.

This is seen in parent/child relationships quite often. A child begins so show his independent thinking and it does not line up with what the parent believes to be right; the parent has a knee-jerk reaction and tries to plow out the unwanted thinking without ever trying to understand why their child has come to that conclusion. If you won’t listen in order to truly understand someone, they most certainly are not going to hear what you have to say, because they know in their heart you have no idea what you’re talking about. You have not even taken the time to hear and understand them.

oppositionMany of today’s issues have fierce opposing views; abortion, immunizations, religious freedom, sexual orientation, etc… these all have very strong arguments on both sides; Taking time to thoroughly understand where the other side is coming from and not just bashing them because they do not see it like you do, is essential to finding a real solution that everyone can work with. Calling people names like stupid, evil and fanatical will never bring someone to see your point of view. When you are really willing to respectfully listen to and understand, with empathy, their point of view, then doors will open for you to be understood as well.

It is then that we find common ground; it is here that we come to appreciate the fact that we are all human, just wanting to feel safe, secure and happy in this world we are currently experiencing. Taking an arrogant, mocking, superior position will never build bridges. There is nothing about any of us that is superior to someone else. We may be more learned in a certain area, but that doesn’t make us superior to another human being.

4. Make sure the change you desire to see is for the benefit of all involved. Whether you call it karma or reaping what you sow, or you get back what you put in, or “you made the bed now sleep in it,” the point is, do not misuse your personal power to change as a tool of manipulation. Be considerate of all life.

5. Be grateful. Morning, noon and night, as often and you think about it, give thanks continually. There is always something we can find in every situation to be thankful for. Whenever you find yourself feeding the negative monster or bashing what you hate, the quickest and surest remedy is to start naming to yourself all that you have to be thankful for in that given moment.

These five steps are powerful and can evoke the change that you desire to see in any situation. Whether it is a relationship, a personal need or a societal condition, by diligently practicing these steps you will begin to see improvement and the light of hope shining bright on the horizon.

Good News Can Change the World

News once spread by word of mouthNews used to be spread primarily by word of mouth, which took a little time and kept some news to a central locality. Today we are bombarded with horrible news. Are these terrible things that are happening all around us unique to our generation? Absolutely not! What is unique, however, is the ability we now have to spread stories rapidly through the media.

The problem is, the sheer shock of the headlines is used as bait to lure us into the source it is propagated through. We need to stop eating that bait and start looking for wholesome bait- uplifting, heart warming stories that leave us believing in humanity and its potential.

Spiraling down the vibrational ladderThis is not denying that bad things happen. What it is doing is denying fuel to the unsavory and troubling. When we go ahead and read and share that piece of bad news,  we are brought down the vibrational scale. We feel angry, sad and even in despair. Life here begins to feel hopeless and out of control. These low-vibrational feelings are now adding to the collective vibrations which increase manifestation of low-vibrational happenings into our reality and ultimately the universe.

The good news is, today we individually have the resources to  share and even produce our own media. Through on-line forums such as youtube, facebook, google, twitter as well as by word of mouth, we can be selective and pass over the bad news and find the good news and share it! The key to  rapidly changing our world for the better is SHARING good news.

I see so many on-line forums that are all about finding fault or pointing out the bad. Most of these offer no solutions. They seem to think that by just being another voice to “uncover what is really going on”, they are making some sort of impact. But spreading malicious gossip, demeaning other people, or focusing on all that seems to be wrong in this world, is only perpetuating and increasing the negativity.

good newsBefore you share something on social media, ask yourself the questions, how will this make others feel? Will this bring hope, happiness, love, acceptance, unity, peace? When someone tunes into your message, how will they come away feeling? What emotions does what you put into the universe conjure up? Even if you are dealing with an issue that cannot be ignored, there are ways to shift the perception into a positive one. By offering concrete solutions and plans of actions or counterbalancing a negative issue with a positive one, you can shift up the vibrational ladder. You add hope in place of despair.

The media has the single most forceful influence on the amplitude of our universe. We can continue to allow it to lower this planet’s vibrations and thus attract more destruction, or we can be a positive influence by being selective about what we tune into, by prolifically sharing and generating good news, and by counterbalancing bad with concrete solutions. What we choose, will ultimately choose us!

Climbing the Vibrational Ladder

High vibrations is a place of love, trust, peace and serenity.  This current time world has a lot of low-vibrational activity going on all around us. Yet we have the capacity to begin to climb the vibrational ladder. Every thought and every action we execute has the potential to either raise or lower our vibrational state. Our mood begins with our thoughts which are generated by our perceptions of what is happening around us and how we interpret them.

Here is a personal example:

An individual came up to me and decidedly pronounced that California was going to have a famine. Alarmed, I asked, “What? Why?” She then told me that the government was not allowing farmers to water their crops. This person had perceived that this was a really bad thing and then interpreted it as a sure path to a state wide famine. She was in a low vibration and it was rippling out on me. But I decided to arrest the thought. I realized that this was her interpretation of what was going to happen. In putting this emotionally charged thought form out into the universe, she is likely to manifest this very thing happening- unless those who practice changing up the vibrations intercede. She will continue to spiral down the vibrational ladder unless she stops herself. This in turn will attract more of these worries and stories into her life. She has become a vibrational match to them.

What could she have done differently about this piece of news she heard?

She could pray for rain.
She could visualize a lush green state.
She could be more thoughtful about her own water usage. and
She could be more appreciative for the abundance of water she now enjoys.
She could advocate for the farmers right to water their farms.

These all would be higher vibrations than the resignation that she had given in to.

universe withinVibrations are emitted into the universe by literally every thing we think, do and say. Your vibrations affect everyone/everthing else around you. There are numberless ways to change up vibrations.  We could eat a colorful salad instead of greasy french fries, watch an uplifting movie instead of a violent one, do fifteen sit-ups instead of staring in the mirror for five minutes bemoaning our weight gain, add bright cheerful pillows to a dull couch or bed or put out a vase of fragrant flowers. If you really want to put this immediately into practice try SMILING- whether or not someone is looking. You will be surprised how you step right up that vibrational ladder.

Become more aware of the impact the vibrations others are having on you. You might be out driving, listening to music, feeling happy and then someone cuts you off or tailgates you; notice your vibrations being affected. How can you change them up? By arresting those reactions and refocusing your mind on what keeps you in a high vibrational state. Sometimes its that one person who says something or does something rude towards us that we let rankle inside us the rest of the day. If you find yourself disturbed by someone elses peevishness, ask yourself, “what is going right today?” It will help to shift your focus and raise your vibrations.

Vibrations are also affected by our self-care. Sometimes taking a nap is really needed. Honor that! And sometimes you need to get out in nature and just soak in some of it’s pure, magical essence. Do it! Make self care a priority in your life.

Our vibrations matter because on an energetic level, like attracts like. Most people have heard the story of the two wolves within- the good wolf and the bad wolf and how the one that survives and thrives is the one that we feed. That is so true on a vibrational level. When we feed good vibrations we attract to ourselves and ultimately into the universe, high vibrations- good things.

eyesIf you are anything like me, you have felt many times overwhelmed by all the issues and serious problems this world is facing. You may feel helpless, like you really can’t do anything about it. I say, YES YOU CAN! Changing up your vibrations one step at a time is the single most powerful action you can take in this world. It has the potential to bring you complete soul-satisfaction and to affect others in the same way. No matter where we are, no matter what is happening, we can always take a little step up, even if it is as simple as a smile or an earnest prayer whispered from the heart.