Sunday’s Simple Pleasures

I love lazy Sunday mornings, nothing pressing, just hangin’ out in my PJ’s, soakingĀ in life’s simple pleasures . . .

The warmth of a smooth mug of coffee
The flickering flame of a sweet scented candle
The crackling of a fire in the hearth
The comfort of house that holds your family

The stillness outside following a night of rain
Wafts of crisp, cool, clean breezes softly flowing in from an open window
Musical melodies of stringed instruments

Sleepy faces of loved ones rising up for the new day
A home-cooked breakfast of country-fried potatoes and eggs
Puppy-love lying nearby comfortably gnawing a bone from last nights dinner

Quiet meditation
Taking to prayer the needs others
Lifting your heart in gratitude to the great Spirit of all life

Happy Sunday!