Loving Me! Finding Your Way from Self-Loathing to Self-Love!

“A healthy self-love means we have no compulsion to justify to ourselves or others why we take vacations, why we sleep late, why we buy new shoes, why we spoil ourselves from time to time. We feel comfortable doing things which add quality and beauty to life.” – Andrew Matthews   Self-hate is probably the […]

Made of Starlight

Made of Starlight Written by Elizabeth A. Van Cleve Descending in to an abyss, I awoke, and it was dark; But fireflies flitted about. I laughed and danced and chased them, tried to catch them, until I tripped and fell and descended yet deeper, where it was darker. The fireflies flitted about and I cried… […]

Your Inner River that Satifies

There is a river That flows from deep within, There is a fountain That frees the soul from sin, Come to this water, There is a vast supply, There is a river That never shall run dry. This song talks about the river that “flows from deep within.” In my book, “The Voice of God […]

Why Are They Rejecting Me?

One of the most painful human experiences is that of rejection. This is because we are all interconnected and love and acceptance is a primal need. Rejection is difficult to deal with for anyone and the difficulty increases when it comes to close friends and family, the ones we feel most connected to. Their are […]

Sea Side Candle Creation

Spray paint and old ceramic plate with Rust-Oleum’s Gloss Seaside blue. When dry, place candle on plate and hot-glue assorted seashells around it. Lightly spray entire piece with Krylon’s Glitter Blast Diamond Dust paint. “Art opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings healing.” Julia Cameron

How Can I Help Those Who Feel Lost?

When grappling with how to reach out and help others that may be struggling through darkness, ask yourself three questions- Who inspired you to believe in yourself, to strive for a better life and/or to have great faith? Why did they inspire you? What did they do or say? Then ask yourself the next three questions: […]

Take Down Your Internal Assassin

“Make sure your worse enemy is not living between your own ears.”  While sleeping, I had a dream… A loud, aggressive, hateful woman was walking down the street alongside a sidewalk I was walking on. Following her was a group of defeated humans- some were being led to their assassination, others had weapons and were […]

Making Meaningful Connections

All human misery stems from disconnection. Pain is physical, mental or emotional suffering at varying intensities. Pain tells us something is out of balance and even life threatening. Misery is extreme distress, and wretchedness of conditions or circumstances and definitely carries the component of pain. Humans are designed for connection. The only thing that connects […]

Christmas or X-Mas?

Did you know that X-mas and Christmas are really the same thing? X was the Greek word for Chi = Christ! But of course, most people do not realize that and so many are so worried about taking Christ out of Christmas. I am not a historian, but a little google search on the history of […]

The Wisdom of Weeding

Grasp this concept. Every good gardener knows that a beautiful garden begins with weeding. And then weeding has to be maintained. Now apply this to other areas of your life. You want a nice, clean organized home? Identify and get rid of all the weeds- all the things that clutter and disorganize your home. You […]