A poem depicting the absurdity in comparing ourselves with others Journey On… Written by Elizabeth A. Van Cleve Don’t ever say- Because I’m here You shouldn’t be there or Because you’re there I shouldn’t be here It makes no sense Would you ever say- Because I am twenty You shouldn’t be two Because I love […]

The Message is Simple… LOVE!

  Lately, it seems to be quite a struggle to hold onto hope for real world peace, to feel safe and secure in life, and to trust in the best intentions of humanity. News headlines lines literally wreak with purifying stories of hatred and malice, murder and deceit, heartache and suffering. I suppose the most […]

What is RIGHT with Me!?

When someone else comes against us, discourages us, rejects us, misunderstands us, makes fun of us, breaks up with us, or is just plain mean to us, after grappling through the initial blow and shock of what just happened, more often than not, we start to ask ourselves, “What is wrong with me?” Lets put […]

Why Are They Rejecting Me?

One of the most painful human experiences is that of rejection. This is because we are all interconnected and love and acceptance is a primal need. Rejection is difficult to deal with for anyone and the difficulty increases when it comes to close friends and family, the ones we feel most connected to. Their are […]

Hi Vibes for the Wounded Soul; the struggle is real!

As a child, the mental and emotional abuse I endured was almost unbearable. There was some physical abuse as well, in the form of corporal punishment that never matched the “crime.” Most of the time I had no idea what I had done wrong, but my father seemed very adept at pulling heinous crimes out of […]

The Eye of the Universe

I wanted that bean burrito with warm refried beans and mounds of sharp cheddar cheese oozing over them I craved that bean burrito topped with dollops of creamy white sourcream and a handful of salty black olives I stirred a small pot of warm the beans in mounting anticipation proud of choosing to eat what […]

How Can I Help Those Who Feel Lost?

When grappling with how to reach out and help others that may be struggling through darkness, ask yourself three questions- Who inspired you to believe in yourself, to strive for a better life and/or to have great faith? Why did they inspire you? What did they do or say? Then ask yourself the next three questions: […]

Take Down Your Internal Assassin

“Make sure your worse enemy is not living between your own ears.”  While sleeping, I had a dream… A loud, aggressive, hateful woman was walking down the street alongside a sidewalk I was walking on. Following her was a group of defeated humans- some were being led to their assassination, others had weapons and were […]

Making Meaningful Connections

All human misery stems from disconnection. Pain is physical, mental or emotional suffering at varying intensities. Pain tells us something is out of balance and even life threatening. Misery is extreme distress, and wretchedness of conditions or circumstances and definitely carries the component of pain. Humans are designed for connection. The only thing that connects […]

Dear in the mist and light

The Essence of God

The Bible teaches that God is a Spirit and we must worship within our Spirit and truth. God is the breath of life; Yogis call this prana. God is neither male or female but rather energy- consciousness; Spirit is our unifying being. The Old Testament Bible forbade making images of God to worship- this practice […]