O Death Where is Thy Sting? The Way to Peace and Freedom

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. ~Mark Twain

All the wars in this world are led by a few key people. Millions of human lives march to the drums of someone else’s beat.  So many want peace, but until the majority of people can get to a place of real freedom- the ability to fly with your own wings or march to your own beat- and allow other people the same freedom, war will continue to flourish. Because, if one cannot be free themselves, neither can they allow someone else that freedom.

Control of other people is the root of all evil. This does not contradict what the bible says about the love of money, for why does someone want to be rich? The word “rich” is relevant to the society that you live in and therefore implies that others are poor. To be rich is to have an upper hand over the poor. It is to have a measure of control. In some cases you may not recognize your need to be in control, but most everyone has that neediness within and it is by this detraction that we are not able to be authentic and free. How does one overcome the need to be powerful, or better, or bigger than someone else? How does someone come to a place of real inner freedom- a place of peace and acceptance of who we truly are? That place is found where ever the sting of death is removed.

Let us look into the teachings of the Bible with a fresh perspective. Step away from preconceived ideas tainted by religious piousness.

“Oh death where is thy sting? The sting of death is sin and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God who gives us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 50:55-57

Until we make peace with death, we will never be able to be completely free and to live this life authentically and to the fullest. Without victory over death, we will not be able to let go of trying to control life and the people around us; we will be unable to fully embody this experience through authenticity and co-creation. And without this embodiment, peace and lasting happiness will evade us.

I propose that Christ did not come to make us religious, or to change our behavior, but rather to change our minds. The sting of death is the law, because a large part of this world has the perception that “God” is an all powerful being with the last word on what is going to happen; and unless you are behaving correctly (his LAW) and believing the right thing, he is going to punish you forever in a tormenting hell. Many men and women throughout time have taken full advantage of this ever-present fear of death- the day of ones reckoning, and hereby taken control over peoples minds and lives.

Hence we spend our time here on earth at war with ourselves. We resist normal, human experiences and emotions, all in the name of “holiness” or “righteousness,” or “being good.” Consequently, “what we resist, persists.” Mankind has become so fearful of death that they do whatever it takes to avoid it. There is so much underlying fear of death’s reckoning, that people will go to great lengths in order to rid the world of preconceived evils. Indeed, most of the world’s horrific genocides have been done in the name of religion. Christ came to set us free and in order to be set free, we needed a change of mind.

Spirit- is just that- a spirit– the great all-encompassing spirit that abides in all of life. When we ask for the Christ-spirit, we are asking to be anointed. This anointing is freedom from the battle with ourselves and enables us to live with ease. Christ said, “I came to give you an abundant life.”  He sets us free from that inward battle by removing the sting of death which is the LAW! There is no longer a law to measure ourselves by or to struggle over. We are fee to live and experience this life to the fullest.

Each one of us is very unique and no two perspective will ever be identical. Problems arise when people begin to think the way they see things is the only right way to see. Yet there is no possible way for one person to have a perfect understanding of another person’s perspective. Therefore, there is no possible way for any two people to see eye-to-eye. Everything in this world is relevant- nothing is exact.

Christ came to change the mindset of the human experience from looking to everyone else for our answers. Christ taught, “The Kingdom of God is within you” … “You are gods.” Unfortunately changing humanity’s mind has been the single most difficult task of this world. Fear is tormenting and as long as fear is able to have the upper-hand, rather than LOVE, people will continue down the path of religiosity which tries to control and change the world through a single perspective; that is simply impossible! The only thing that will bring lasting change to this world is LOVE set free from the sting of death- the belief that God is a tyrannical ruler in the heavens getting ready to punish the majority of mankind through pain and torture. Christ didn’t come to set us free from anything but our brainwashed mindset.

I know by experience that when you begin to earnestly seek and pray to be set free from preconditioned religious thinking, you will experience a paradigm shift that will rock your entire existence. But it is those earth-shattering conflicts that ultimately open the prison doors and set us FREE!

From Self-Hate to Self-Love

The human heart is the only thing in this world
that weighs more when it’s broken

Self-hate is probably the most painful and destructive emotion a person can experience. It has it’s roots in the formative years of childhood where we see ourselves through the mirror of other people’s eyes. If love and acceptance do not out-weigh the negative perceptions we are given, self-hate can become a life-long struggle. Childhood abuse compounds self-hate to a point that people sometimes find no way out of the perpetual cycle of heartache and sorrow; indeed, many choose to end their own lives.

Self-hate can be observed in not taking care of our physical bodies, being out of touch with our true emotions, not having healthy boundaries, consistently putting other peoples needs above our own, not really knowing our true authentic self because we have spent so many years molding ourselves to the whims of others, staying in abusive and unhealthy relationships, not trusting our own perceptions, allowing others to dictate our lives, and even more obvious ways such as inflicting harm to self and constant critical and demeaning inner dialogue about self.

People who have been raised with sufficient love and acceptance have no idea the deep and injurious wounds self-haters are inflicted by. They are invisible to the naked eye and many times healthy people unwittingly inflict them further through indifference and ignorance. But even so, unless one becomes committed to self-love, unless you can make that determination that you are going to be your own best friend, all the love in the world given by others will continually be filtered by those core beliefs forged in the flames of an agonizing childhood.

There is only one way to fully overcome self-hate and that is through self-love. Yet, having battled this myself, I understand how completely futile that can feel. How does one learn to love themselves when they do not have any idea what that looks like or feels like?  But determination and great courage have kept me going and I have overcome so much. Consequently I feel stronger, happier and more peaceful than ever before. Through my personal experience, I have learned that self-love is the single most important art you can ever teach yourself for within self love are found the keys that unlock every other prison door and sets you completely free.

One beautiful human being that was so instrumental in helping me along this journey is the famous Teal Swan: The Spiritual Catalyst. Her background of abuse and torture is hard to even listen to and yet she has gone on to learn self-love and to teach others what she has learned. Now she has published a new book titled, “Shadows Before Dawn: Finding the Light of Self-Love Through our Darkest Times.” The following is her speaking on her journey to self-love at a book signing at Watkins in London. What she says in this video can help you to begin the wonderful and courageous journey to self-love!