Stupid and Arrogant

path of lifeStupid and Arrogant
Written by Elizabeth A. Van Cleve

I once conversed with Stupid
And found he inherited his name
From a squabble he had with Arrogant
Over politics, love and fame
He came from the family of Ignorance
His mother and father were deaf
His siblings were Temper and Lazy
Glutton, Careless, and Theft
He lived in the city of No-where
Without any roads or paths
He dined on whatever was tossed him
And rarely took any baths
Years later I ran into Stupid
And could hardly believe my eyes
So changed that I barely recognized him
Indeed a pleasant surprise!
He smiled and told me his new name
Was given by Spirit within
And introduced himself as Wisdom
Knowledge was now his best friend
He moved to the city of Challenge
A place where his life is renewed
His neighbors are Enlightened and Courage
Peaceful, Happy, and Shrewd
Arrogant still hangs around him
But argues with Wisdom in vain
For Wisdom now understands
That Stupid is Arrogant’s fame
Wisdom now basks in the Sunshine
Of Spirit’s love and grace
And is journeying on to the city
Where arrogance has no place
For Arrogance never looks in the mirror
His plight will never be changed
He is petrified-stupid
His ignorant mind is deranged
Deflecting his mirrored image
He calls out to those who pass by
And bids them to look at stupid
Not knowing it is his own eye
The honest man works even harder
To ensure that he never will be
So Arrogant that he breeds Stupid
And never knows it is he

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