So Much to Do


Blink away the morning
And rush into the day
Quickly we remember
To take a moment to pray
Then on to the next task
Our minds dart to and fro
Got so much to accomplish
So many places to go

Loved ones scurry past us
They are busy too
We barely even notice them
There is so much do
Off into the traffic
Time is slipping by
“Drivers are all idiots
And surely must be high”

Music, news, talk shows
And cell phones on the way
A drive-through meal and coffee
To help us start our day
One by one we scratch off
The list of things to do
And feel a sense of purpose
Which helps us make it through

Evening finds us crashing
And somewhat overtaxed
We hope to find a moment
In which we can relax
While duties still harass us
And load us down with care
And in our irritation
We think life isn’t fair

Our loved ones feel like strangers
We barely even know
For we’ve been much too busy
Were always on the go
We lay awake at night
And try to understand
The emptiness were feeling
In spite of what we have

Outside our life’s abundant
But within we groan
“I have my friends and family
“And yet I feel alone
“I’ve worked and toiled daily
“God knows I have tried
“Why is it that I lay here
“And feel unsatisfied?”

Meanwhile the stars are twinkling
The dewdrops kiss the earth
The crickets,frogs and nightingales
Sing and dance with mirth

The morning sky’s a light show
A glorious display
And all the birds melodious
Fill up the break of day

The children wake up running
with eagerness and cheer
Glad the night is over
Another day is here

We once too had their magic
To see the world anew
before we got all caught up
In all the things we had to do

Poem by Elizabeth Van Cleve

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