Magical Essential Oil Blends:
All oils are carefully hand blended using quality essential oils.
For external use only!

Fairy Enchantment oil is shimmering with the essence of the Fae for a sparkly aura. Blessed to bring  enchanting, childlike lightheartedness and a touch of magical wonder to your life.
0.4oz bottle (Design may vary)


Ascension Oil Blend can be used to assist in spiritual connection. This high-frequency mix has tiny clear crystal quartz pieces added to each vial to charge according to your personal needs. Use with any spiritual or psychic work.
Comes in a 2 ml. bottle.
(Design may vary)


Mermaid’s Song is an alluring oil blend for attracting your dream lover into your life or enhancing sexual arousal and passion in your current relationship.

Use with care!
Comes in a 10 ml. roll-on bottle



Woodland Fae Oil is for frolicking fun, laughing, dancing, and all joyful gatherings and celebrations. Wear this oil as an invitation to the woodland fae to attend and liven up your special occasions.

O.4 oz bottle (design may vary)