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HIGH VIBES ADORNMENT is designed specifically to positively influence your personal energetic frequency. Each item is thoughtfully and lovingly designed to assist the wearer in a variety of challenges and aspirations. 

Whenever it arrives, our gemstones are placed under the full moon, and regularly placed on selenite to keep them vibrating at their highest potential when delivered to you. 

Each bracelet comes with suggestions on fine-tuning your bracelet to your own unique energetic code. 

The Christmas Spirit bracelet is made of the beautiful and calming stones of green Jade, Mother of Pearl and red Coral. 

When I put this bracelet on I immediately feel more relaxed. It feels like kicking back in an easy chair next to a warm fire with a hot beverage. 

Mother of Pearl is connected to beauty, comfort, peace and delight along with heightened intuition. Green Jade is connected with the heart chakra alleviating  depression and proliferating your love and compassion. Red Coral is a nerve calming tonic and aids in blood purification processes, making it beneficial in combating and preventing illness. 

Finally, a beautiful mirrored quartz crystal blings out the bracelet's magical radiance and energy.

The Christmas Spirit bracelet will add charm to your attire and a serene happiness to your holidays making it a perfect gift of love!

Order yours now for the special price of just $22 shipped!

Hurry- very limited amount available. 

5mm beads. Appx. 2" in diameter. 


The Fiery Gemstone Bracelet was designed with intentions for personal success and happiness. Made with carnelian, red garnet and clear quarts, these petite but powerful little beauties will compliment your Autumn attire as well as add boost your confidence, passion, motivation, clarity, creativity, sensuality and JOY!

They will help you to be clear minded, level headed and self assured in business and home management. You will feel a little happier and more energetic while wearing this powerful combination of gemstones.
Your family, friends and coworkers may wonder at you as your personal creativity and magnetism pops.
Order one for yourself and/or give one as a gift to someone who could use a lift.
Hurry- only 5 left!

5mm beads, approximately 2" diameter

Just $17.50  shipped!