Color Me a Rainbow

Someone posted a picture of the rainbow on facebook, claiming the Bible’s meaning behind it; another person commented saying, they were sick of the rainbow being used for an “unholy” thing.
I don’t think the LGBT community meant to give it an “unholy” meaning nor take it away from the story in the Bible. What the whole point is behind the rainbow is that life is not black and white, even though so many see it that way. When we see life as black and white, we miss the entire beautiful spectrum of the rainbow. Some issues cannot be boxed up into two different categories.
There are a lot of colorful and beautiful people who are part of LGBT community; and there are some people who want to stick them all into the black box- the “bad” box, and let them stay there until they learn how to be “straight.” Its just not that simple.
Many of these colorful and beautiful people have been hiding inside the black box, or trying to climb out of it, but keep getting shoved back in, by those who do not understand them. Thus, the rainbow has become their way of saying that they are not BLACK- they are part of the beautiful tapestry of color that everyone else is.
I personally am not wired that way, so it is really hard for me to wrap my mind around that type of life-style. But I don’t have to. That is not my job or purpose here in life. My job is ME- being the BEST possible version of me I can be, and learning all I can in this journey called life!
I do not have to understand everything about everybody and try to control what other people do. There is no such thing as abnormal. Abnormal is a product of prejudice and believing some people are more valuable than other people. Everything and everyone is normal when put into the context of their own life.
The best thing anyone can do in a world that feels like it is going mad, is work on being that person you wish everyone else would be. Be the best possible YOU, you can be. Learn and grow and LIVE with passion. Boxes are debilitating for anyone.
There have always been and will always be a LGBT community. Shoving them into the “black box” doesn’t change that. What it does create is hypocrisy and in-authenticity which are like a big grey cloud covering the beautiful colors of the rainbow!

Trust the process.

Hi-Vibe Breakfast

Tomorrow morning, change up your breakfast  to give your body a happy, healthy kick-start! Fruits have the highest vibrational frequency because they are an offering from the plant. You do not have to take life from something to enjoy them. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and so much more.

Fruit cereal

This delicious bowl of organic fruit has bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi. On top I sprinkled a little unsweetened coconut, hemp seed and sliced almonds for added crunch and protein. Pour some ice cold almond milk over it all for a delicious and nutritious cereal.


Upgrade your water today!

Hivibes blog 007

(use organic only)

1 thinly sliced apple (vitamins A, B’s C, and K, potassium)
1 thinly sliced lemon (alkalizing, vitamins A, B’s, C)
1 cup of sliced strawberries (C, manganese, folate, biotin, potassium, omega 3)
several fresh small grape leaves (omega 3, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium)
petals from one unsprayed rose (Vitamins B’s, C, K, carotene)

Pour distilled water over the top to fill pitcher. Keep adding water as you use. Remake after three days.

Good News Can Change the World

News once spread by word of mouthNews used to be spread primarily by word of mouth, which took a little time and kept some news to a central locality. Today we are bombarded with horrible news. Are these terrible things that are happening all around us unique to our generation? Absolutely not! What is unique, however, is the ability we now have to spread stories rapidly through the media.

The problem is, the sheer shock of the headlines is used as bait to lure us into the source it is propagated through. We need to stop eating that bait and start looking for wholesome bait- uplifting, heart warming stories that leave us believing in humanity and its potential.

Spiraling down the vibrational ladderThis is not denying that bad things happen. What it is doing is denying fuel to the unsavory and troubling. When we go ahead and read and share that piece of bad news,  we are brought down the vibrational scale. We feel angry, sad and even in despair. Life here begins to feel hopeless and out of control. These low-vibrational feelings are now adding to the collective vibrations which increase manifestation of low-vibrational happenings into our reality and ultimately the universe.

The good news is, today we individually have the resources to  share and even produce our own media. Through on-line forums such as youtube, facebook, google, twitter as well as by word of mouth, we can be selective and pass over the bad news and find the good news and share it! The key to  rapidly changing our world for the better is SHARING good news.

I see so many on-line forums that are all about finding fault or pointing out the bad. Most of these offer no solutions. They seem to think that by just being another voice to “uncover what is really going on”, they are making some sort of impact. But spreading malicious gossip, demeaning other people, or focusing on all that seems to be wrong in this world, is only perpetuating and increasing the negativity.

good newsBefore you share something on social media, ask yourself the questions, how will this make others feel? Will this bring hope, happiness, love, acceptance, unity, peace? When someone tunes into your message, how will they come away feeling? What emotions does what you put into the universe conjure up? Even if you are dealing with an issue that cannot be ignored, there are ways to shift the perception into a positive one. By offering concrete solutions and plans of actions or counterbalancing a negative issue with a positive one, you can shift up the vibrational ladder. You add hope in place of despair.

The media has the single most forceful influence on the amplitude of our universe. We can continue to allow it to lower this planet’s vibrations and thus attract more destruction, or we can be a positive influence by being selective about what we tune into, by prolifically sharing and generating good news, and by counterbalancing bad with concrete solutions. What we choose, will ultimately choose us!

Climbing the Vibrational Ladder

High vibrations is a place of love, trust, peace and serenity.  This current time world has a lot of low-vibrational activity going on all around us. Yet we have the capacity to begin to climb the vibrational ladder. Every thought and every action we execute has the potential to either raise or lower our vibrational state. Our mood begins with our thoughts which are generated by our perceptions of what is happening around us and how we interpret them.

Here is a personal example:

An individual came up to me and decidedly pronounced that California was going to have a famine. Alarmed, I asked, “What? Why?” She then told me that the government was not allowing farmers to water their crops. This person had perceived that this was a really bad thing and then interpreted it as a sure path to a state wide famine. She was in a low vibration and it was rippling out on me. But I decided to arrest the thought. I realized that this was her interpretation of what was going to happen. In putting this emotionally charged thought form out into the universe, she is likely to manifest this very thing happening- unless those who practice changing up the vibrations intercede. She will continue to spiral down the vibrational ladder unless she stops herself. This in turn will attract more of these worries and stories into her life. She has become a vibrational match to them.

What could she have done differently about this piece of news she heard?

She could pray for rain.
She could visualize a lush green state.
She could be more thoughtful about her own water usage. and
She could be more appreciative for the abundance of water she now enjoys.
She could advocate for the farmers right to water their farms.

These all would be higher vibrations than the resignation that she had given in to.

universe withinVibrations are emitted into the universe by literally every thing we think, do and say. Your vibrations affect everyone/everthing else around you. There are numberless ways to change up vibrations.  We could eat a colorful salad instead of greasy french fries, watch an uplifting movie instead of a violent one, do fifteen sit-ups instead of staring in the mirror for five minutes bemoaning our weight gain, add bright cheerful pillows to a dull couch or bed or put out a vase of fragrant flowers. If you really want to put this immediately into practice try SMILING- whether or not someone is looking. You will be surprised how you step right up that vibrational ladder.

Become more aware of the impact the vibrations others are having on you. You might be out driving, listening to music, feeling happy and then someone cuts you off or tailgates you; notice your vibrations being affected. How can you change them up? By arresting those reactions and refocusing your mind on what keeps you in a high vibrational state. Sometimes its that one person who says something or does something rude towards us that we let rankle inside us the rest of the day. If you find yourself disturbed by someone elses peevishness, ask yourself, “what is going right today?” It will help to shift your focus and raise your vibrations.

Vibrations are also affected by our self-care. Sometimes taking a nap is really needed. Honor that! And sometimes you need to get out in nature and just soak in some of it’s pure, magical essence. Do it! Make self care a priority in your life.

Our vibrations matter because on an energetic level, like attracts like. Most people have heard the story of the two wolves within- the good wolf and the bad wolf and how the one that survives and thrives is the one that we feed. That is so true on a vibrational level. When we feed good vibrations we attract to ourselves and ultimately into the universe, high vibrations- good things.

eyesIf you are anything like me, you have felt many times overwhelmed by all the issues and serious problems this world is facing. You may feel helpless, like you really can’t do anything about it. I say, YES YOU CAN! Changing up your vibrations one step at a time is the single most powerful action you can take in this world. It has the potential to bring you complete soul-satisfaction and to affect others in the same way. No matter where we are, no matter what is happening, we can always take a little step up, even if it is as simple as a smile or an earnest prayer whispered from the heart.


Love is the Always Answer

Fundamentalism is variously described by various authors, but to me it really boils down to a rather simple test: In my view, a fundamentalist religion is a religion, any religion, that when confronted with a conflict between love, compassion and caring, and conformity to doctrine, will almost invariably choose the latter regardless of the effect it has on its followers or on the society of which it is a part.

Fundamentalist religions make this choice because they uniformly place a high priority on doctrinal conformity, with such force that it takes higher priority than love, compassion and service. ~Fundamentalism Defined

It takes courage to step away from religion and let your inner-system detox from years of religious programming. It takes time to work through fears and insecurities and find that solid ground within your heart. When all seems confusing, dark or lost, just remember, LOVE is always the answer. Love yourself. Love those that hurt you. Allow others to love you. The simple answer is LOVE!

Radiate boundless love toward the entire world- above, below and across – unhindered, without ill will, without enmity. ~Gautama Buddha

Love your enemies, bless those that curse you, do good to those that hate you and pray for those that persecute you. ~Jesus Christ

I am not exactly sure what heaven will be like, but I know that when I die and it comes time for God to judge us, he will not ask, ‘how many good things have you done in your life?’ Rather he will ask, ‘How much love did you put into what you did?’ ~Mother Teresa

Love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is the humblest imaginable. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is to great a burden to bear. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Embracing the Art of Manifestation

Manifestation is the hype of this age. Many people are tirelessly seeking out information and educators on manifestation with a desire to create the reality that they crave. As new as the idea or concept is to some, manifestation has always been a part of life. Awareness of how it is working in your life and what influences the vibrations that mold your reality, is key to creating a life of intention.

Much of religion manipulate vibrations through changing habits, through prayer, and creating new thought forms by way of scripture study. The Christian Bible has a scripture that says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” In order to effectively manifest, vision is imperative. The clearer the vision, the more detailed, the more longed for and felt in the heart, the stronger the vibrations are put out into our universe and hence manifest into this reality. When a person prays earnestly with a distinct desire envisioned- that prayer is answered; so if the prayer was for healing of an infirmity, healing comes.

Child-like enchantmentManifestation can be synonymous with prayer, intentions, or magic; They all have the same powerful purpose behind them- to manipulate and change what is, into what is desired. And for what purpose? It is to create happiness and satisfaction. Life regains child-like excitement and magic when we begin to understand and embrace the art of manifestation;  the earth becomes a wondrous playground, full of enchantments waiting to be discovered.

We can begin our day in Spirit and truth; looking within to what resonates with self. We set our intentions of what we want the day to feel like- what we desire to experience. Go within and ask yourself what you need today to be like so it will be a good day. If you can, write it down, or record your intentions in a voice recorder. Do you want to feel relaxed? Do you desire assistance in something? To you want to experience love and connection? Whatever you desire this day, enter this desire first within your own soul in connection to Spirit. Feel it, embrace it. What does today as a perfect day look like?

At the end of the day, reexamine your intentions? Did they manifest? You will be surprised at how effective this can be. As you practice you will be impressed by how much of a cocreator you truly are in this physical dimension. Step out of the boxes you have locked your self away in. Open yourself up to the infinite universe. Possibilities are endless. This is never selfish, because when you manifest happiness, you raise your vibrations and thus the vibrations of the entire universe. There is a ripple effect- high vibrations affects everyone for the better!

ocean magicYesterday I took a road trip to the coast with several other people. I kept my vibration open to magic and excitement. When we arrived at our destination, we picnicked then went for a walk along the beach. For me, the earth was an exciting, magical place. I knew it. I felt it. I found beauty and enchantment in everything around me; an old wooden arch and stairway leading to the beach was a portal into another dimension. The seedpods from a thistle were fairies that carried our wishes into the winds. I wished that the day would be filled with special magical moments, and then I blew them all away.

I prayed for our safety and protection and rested in assurance of it. The day was beautifully overcast and cool. I soaked as much of earths beauty as I could into my soul. Whenever someone put out a negative vibration- with words or moods, I strengthened the high vibrations I set which affected positive change in the negative vibrations.

Driving home we spotted what we at first thought were dolphins. I quickly pulled off to the side of the road and we jumped out of the car. There were probably fifty-plus seals jumping about the waters, and swimming around them was a pod of Orca whales. Gorgeous and majestic they enchanted us with their magic for a good fifteen minutes. One member of our group excitedly exclaimed that she set intentions that morning to see a whale. On the drive home we read Shamanic meanings of seeing Orcas and seals and each of us found soul-satisfying synchronicties. I knew my wish for magical moments had seen it’s zenith for the day. We loathed to leave that place of serendipity- manifestation at its finest!

Many people believe that the art of manifestation is all about getting things you want. While attaining things can be a fun part of manifestation, the real art is in creating a life that is enchanting, magical, fun and brilliant. Its about being present- its about experience, growth and learning. The earth is our platform waiting to be discovered and rediscovered through an infinity of perspectives. The sky is the limit. The universe is magical!