August Morning Sunrise


“Inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic”

Good Morning! Welcome August!

August Sunrise 2


So Much Life to be Lived

095B~Photo taken at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse Station

Migraine Mystery

No matter how much time and effort you put into elevating your vibrations, life will at times deal you some low-vibes. It is at these times we wait for the storm to pass, accepting and working through it the best we are able. This poem is born out of some severe migraines. I have learned through these times of tormenting pain, that migraines and other forms of pain have a root system that goes way beyond a physical affliction!

The MigraineThe Migraine

Red, orange, red- like lava slowly erupting;

Agonizingly painful, burning everything in its path.

It’s current sweeping over all, leaving nothing untouched.

“Hot” sounds it like ice melting in spring sunshine;

Lava embers sear, and when it cools, only rocks, barrenness and desolation remain.

My eyes pierce the dimly darkened night;

All is still when you can hear the hum of the fan.

Stiffly I crouch at the edge of my bed, while the night’s visions fade away into the fog.

Where is the little white miracle- washed down with water- that takes away all pain?

Will it work tonight?

Or will miracles cease to exist as I writhe under this merciless whip?

Lava burns it’s way through all defenses;

Pacing the four corners of my home, strength becomes a byword.

The judgments of this world show no empathy, as I wrestle to prove my presence in the now…

and my freedom from the relentless images of yesterday’s torture and heartache.

The world is like a vortex full of eyes that stare in wait;

 I hear a voiceless cry in the searing lava of tormenting pain.

“This too shall pass…yes, it will pass” 

But this moment feels eternal- when unbearable pain opens the locks, one by one,

into the heartache so tightly hidden away.




Up in the pine-scent mountains and down along the salty seasides you will find large seed-pods of nature fairies. Unlike the ones found in city, these beautiful mountain dandelions stand 2-3 feet high and are as big a round as a baseball.

To the unaware, they go almost unoticed. But to those who are alive to the magic of the universe, you can sense their call as you pass by, “Wishes! Wishes! Come tell us your wishes and we’ll make them come true!”

Gently I enfold a handful of these little white nature fairies into my palms and whisper my wishes to them; I blow them up and out onto the fragrant breezes. Dancing merrily in the winds, with the purpose of a secret mission, they disperse into the vast endless sky of possibility.

At the close of the day, a knowing smile etches it’s way across my sun-weathered face as I remember my fairy friends, radiant with the promise of sunlight!

Red, White and Blue Fruit Salad

Showing off America’s colors with a high vibes fruit salad; Strawberries, blueberries and bananas are layered between….

Coconut Whipped Cream-
whip together to desired consistency:
2 14 oz cans of chilled full-fat coconut cream
57 drops of liquid vanilla Stevia
3-4 Tbs instant vanilla pudding

Happy Independence Day America!

Watermelon or Gatorade?

If you are looking to stay hydrated, you may want eat to your hearts content some sweet, juicy, icy cold WATERMELON!

Many people stock up on Gatorade to keep up their Electrolytes as they hydrate. Gatorade does provide salt, sodium citrate, and monopotassium phosphate.

But Gatorade also contains artificial dyes, preservatives, brominated vegetable oil and glycerol ester of wood rosin- all of which are unnatural for human consumption and can potentially be dangerous to the body if consumed in high doses.

Watermelon, will not only quench your thirst and hydrate your body, but it will provide electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, fiber and sustenance- for a great day.

In fact, fasting a day or two on nothing but watermelon- eating lots and lots of this beautiful red, luscious fruit will cleanse and revitalize you.

Try it!

Remember: Every step you take up that vibrational ladder has a ripple effect!


Full Moon Energy

Recharging my rocks, seashells and gemstones under the full moon tonight






Preparing Crystals for the Full Moon

Tomorrow is the full moon and a good time to recharge your rocks and gemstones. Today I am preparing to put mine out by giving them a clean water bath. I have well-water, but if you live in the city, you may want to use bottled water to avoid exposure to the chlorine, fluoride and other inorganic substance within the city water.

Be sure your own energy is clean and your vibrations are good; you can do this by meditating and/or praying, putting on some mood-lifting music, bathing and applying essential oils, re-hydrating with plenty of clean water and making meals of fresh fruits and veggies.

I cleaned my kitchen sinks out with some baking-soda. Then I filled one side with fresh water. I added 1/4 tsp organic sea salt- not too much or it can damage some types of gemstones. I cut a sprig of leaves from my grape vine and rinsed and rinsed them in cool water and then added it to the sink of water. You can add a few drops of essential oil as well if you like.

Next, I rinsed my stones (and my seashells) in running tap water over the empty sink to rinse away any dust and dirt. A few of them I used a little eco-friendly liquid dish detergent on. I placed them all in the prepared sink of water, and put my hands inside the water to bless and charge it with peace, love and healing. They are soaking in there now. I will pull them out to dry in a couple of hours and tomorrow I’ll them arranged on a table to put under the full moon all night.

Stay tuned for more pictures and ideas!



Color Me a Rainbow

Someone posted a picture of the rainbow on facebook, claiming the Bible’s meaning behind it; another person commented saying, they were sick of the rainbow being used for an “unholy” thing.
I don’t think the LGBT community meant to give it an “unholy” meaning nor take it away from the story in the Bible. What the whole point is behind the rainbow is that life is not black and white, even though so many see it that way. When we see life as black and white, we miss the entire beautiful spectrum of the rainbow. Some issues cannot be boxed up into two different categories.
There are a lot of colorful and beautiful people who are part of LGBT community; and there are some people who want to stick them all into the black box- the “bad” box, and let them stay there until they learn how to be “straight.” Its just not that simple.
Many of these colorful and beautiful people have been hiding inside the black box, or trying to climb out of it, but keep getting shoved back in, by those who do not understand them. Thus, the rainbow has become their way of saying that they are not BLACK- they are part of the beautiful tapestry of color that everyone else is.
I personally am not wired that way, so it is really hard for me to wrap my mind around that type of life-style. But I don’t have to. That is not my job or purpose here in life. My job is ME- being the BEST possible version of me I can be, and learning all I can in this journey called life!
I do not have to understand everything about everybody and try to control what other people do. There is no such thing as abnormal. Abnormal is a product of prejudice and believing some people are more valuable than other people. Everything and everyone is normal when put into the context of their own life.
The best thing anyone can do in a world that feels like it is going mad, is work on being that person you wish everyone else would be. Be the best possible YOU, you can be. Learn and grow and LIVE with passion. Boxes are debilitating for anyone.
There have always been and will always be a LGBT community. Shoving them into the “black box” doesn’t change that. What it does create is hypocrisy and in-authenticity which are like a big grey cloud covering the beautiful colors of the rainbow!

Trust the process.

Hi-Vibe Breakfast

Tomorrow morning, change up your breakfast  to give your body a happy, healthy kick-start! Fruits have the highest vibrational frequency because they are an offering from the plant. You do not have to take life from something to enjoy them. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and so much more.

Fruit cereal

This delicious bowl of organic fruit has bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi. On top I sprinkled a little unsweetened coconut, hemp seed and sliced almonds for added crunch and protein. Pour some ice cold almond milk over it all for a delicious and nutritious cereal.