How to Know if You Have Truly Learned to Love Yourself

Self love is the hot topic of the day. People everywhere are waking up and realizing that the voice inside their head has become their worst enemy and that by changing it from a critical, judgmental, harassing voice to a loving, accepting, encouraging one, our lives can literally be transformed to something wonderful, fulfilling and happy.

Yet the struggle remains in so many lives. Things begin to shift and we start to feel better and let down on applying the tools we’ve gained; Its easy to slip back into complacency and neglect self love and sovereignty over our lives. Consequently, we may find ourselves sinking back down into dissatisfaction and depression and that critical voice becomes louder than ever.

How do we come to understand when love of our self is complete, genuine and unconditional? How can we know that we still have personal work to heal our heart? One of the most telling ways is summed up in one sentence:

Unconditional self love is witnessed when we value the one who does not value others. 

Think about this truth; When we have honestly, whole heartedly and without judgement learned to value our self we will naturally value every other living being. We may not like what they do, but we will have come to understand why. We may not want to hang out with them, but we will always wish the best for them and know deeply that they too are capable of miraculous transformation.

If there remains yet one person in your life that you believe has no value, then there remains still yet a part of you that you believe has no value.

As within, so without; as above, so below!

Everything without is a just a reflection of what is going on within; Everything above board is indicative of what is below.

If you know that there are some you still do not value, that you harshly judge, that you secretly abhor, then you can know that there is still something within you that you still do not value, that you judge, that you secretly abhor. And it will always come through the back door and rob you of complete joy and satisfaction no matter what you gain or what you accomplish.

You may see even now that this is true for you and wondering what you can do about it. One place to start is to take a good look at what it is you despise in another and see it as a mirror- search out that very thing in your own soul. Then use the healing tools you have gained and work to accept it without judgement, to discover the “why” its their- which is usually rooted in some sort of emotional trauma, and to soothe that injured part of you back to pure positive love.

As that part of you heals, your emotional triggers related to certain individuals will dissipate and you will begin to see even your worse enemy in a new light.

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