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Good News Can Change the World

News once spread by word of mouthNews used to be spread primarily by word of mouth, which took a little time and kept some news to a central locality. Today we are bombarded with horrible news. Are these terrible things that are happening all around us unique to our generation? Absolutely not! What is unique, however, is the ability we now have to spread stories rapidly through the media.

The problem is, the sheer shock of the headlines is used as bait to lure us into the source it is propagated through. We need to stop eating that bait and start looking for wholesome bait- uplifting, heart warming stories that leave us believing in humanity and its potential.

Spiraling down the vibrational ladderThis is not denying that bad things happen. What it is doing is denying fuel to the unsavory and troubling. When we go ahead and read and share that piece of bad news,  we are brought down the vibrational scale. We feel angry, sad and even in despair. Life here begins to feel hopeless and out of control. These low-vibrational feelings are now adding to the collective vibrations which increase manifestation of low-vibrational happenings into our reality and ultimately the universe.

The good news is, today we individually have the resources to  share and even produce our own media. Through on-line forums such as youtube, facebook, google, twitter as well as by word of mouth, we can be selective and pass over the bad news and find the good news and share it! The key to  rapidly changing our world for the better is SHARING good news.

I see so many on-line forums that are all about finding fault or pointing out the bad. Most of these offer no solutions. They seem to think that by just being another voice to “uncover what is really going on”, they are making some sort of impact. But spreading malicious gossip, demeaning other people, or focusing on all that seems to be wrong in this world, is only perpetuating and increasing the negativity.

good newsBefore you share something on social media, ask yourself the questions, how will this make others feel? Will this bring hope, happiness, love, acceptance, unity, peace? When someone tunes into your message, how will they come away feeling? What emotions does what you put into the universe conjure up? Even if you are dealing with an issue that cannot be ignored, there are ways to shift the perception into a positive one. By offering concrete solutions and plans of actions or counterbalancing a negative issue with a positive one, you can shift up the vibrational ladder. You add hope in place of despair.

The media has the single most forceful influence on the amplitude of our universe. We can continue to allow it to lower this planet’s vibrations and thus attract more destruction, or we can be a positive influence by being selective about what we tune into, by prolifically sharing and generating good news, and by counterbalancing bad with concrete solutions. What we choose, will ultimately choose us!

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