Get Rid of the Trash- A New Years Revolution!

take out the trash

So many of our lives are cluttered with trash and excess. We cannot live to the fullest because of all the trash.

When someone invests in a repo-home that has been “trashed” what is the first thing that they need to do to begin renovating that home? Yep! Take out the trash! Before the house is cleaned, before the house is painted and updated, YOU MUST GET RID OF THE TRASH. If you try and reverse this process and paint first or clean, it will be a mess and very difficult to get to the results you want. The trash will impede your progress and clutter your vision. Taking out and dumping everything you do not want in that house produces the quickest and most dramatic results- it is the beginning of a revolution.

Sitting at the precipice of a new year, many of us are ready for a revolution in our lives.  We are done trying to make what we have better- we want something completely different. Heretofore,  many of us have set about trying to put on a coat of spiritual paint or clean up mistakes without giving much thought to moving the trash out of our lives. All our effort seems to leave us no better off as we realize that we still feel frustrated, lost and unfulfilled. Our vision is impaired by all the clutter; as we lose sight of our purpose we cease to progress. Then, we sit and wonder why we feel depressed.

The “trash” is anything that clutters your mind and life and distracts you from living in the present moment.

The Bible teaches that to God- source energy, a thousand years is as one day; not because God sits in the sky and keeps a different calendar from us; but because time is simply an illusion of this dimension. Source just is. Source has no time limit. Source says, I AM! In the moment, in this present moment, I AM! Source is our life force- our chi. Past and present are part of the illusion of time. Our life force is I AM- here and now, alive, conscious.

Trash is all the excesses that depletes our chi energy. Is your mind cluttered with yesterday’s baggage and tomorrow’s concerns? Get rid of the trash! Meditate. Be present. Be conscious. Be ALIVE!

Life is a gift. The trash is anything that stops the flow of vibrant life.

What “things” do we need to live at this present moment? Air, water, food, shelter and clothing- all life sustaining! The essentials sustain life, the rest consumes life. To be conscious is to be aware of what sustains or feeds your life energy and what depletes it. When our life is abundant, (which is not only how it could be, but how it should be) we have rivers of life flowing out from within that water everything around us. If you begin to dump trash into a river and keep it up for a long time, that river will become clogged and may even dam up the flow. The trash- clutters, clogs, distracts and keeps the flow of life giving energy from moving freely.

The trash is the excess of stuff packed away in closets and drawers.
The trash is the excess food, drink and other substances our bodies do not need.
The trash is all of yesterday’s baggage and tomorrow’s worries.
The trash are things in our life that no longer serve a purpose.
The trash are attitudes that drain us, unforgiveness that enslaves us to bitterness and judgments that condemn us. For the bible tells us that the way we judge others is the way we judge ourselves.
The trash is a head full of knowledge, yet no practice.

Knowledge is like a bank account- it can endlessly stored and saved. But unless it’s applicable it can weigh us down. Unless we take it out and put it to use, its useless. It is better to know less and live what you know, than to know so much and do nothing with it. Knowledge is a tool. Some of our old out-dated tools need to be laid aside for newer and more efficient tools that help us live a more abundant life. Be picky about what you study- what you give your mind to. Wisdom is knowing how and when to use the knowledge you’ve accumulated.

One way to identify how cluttered and trashed your mind and spirit are is to really open your eyes and look about you. Is your physical surroundings full of excess clutter and trash? Our physical reality is always a mirror of our internal reality, for within the mind and spirit is where all creation begins.

Exercise for decluttering your life:

Take out the trash- in your home, office, car, purse, cupboards, storage units, offices, desks, bedrooms, drawers, etc… Take one space at a time and empty it completely. Then clean it, paint it,  and only put back what truly sustains or adds to your life force. Dump the rest. As you take up this task in your physical reality, you will notice a conflict begin within your internal reality. Just take note of it. Do not over analyze it. Do not judge it. Just notice it. Acknowledge it. Then, with a grateful heart for the understanding that it’s purpose was served set it free. Don’t keep anything out of guilt. If you don’t use it, if it doesn’t bless your life, if it’s just taking up space, let it go!

Once the trash is removed and the river is unclogged it will begin to flow once again. Now is the time to ask for Spirit to show us new heights to climb, with a fresh and clear vision. Now is the time to discover what makes us come ALIVE! Now is the time to pour out from an overflowing heart, rivers of blessings on mother earth and her inhabitants.

Will 2017 be a year of palpable and exhilarating revolution?

It all depends on what we do with the trash!

Happy New Year!

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