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Five Instant Self-Confidence Boosters

Perhaps she feels overly self-conscious

Many of us know how it feels to be around other people and feel overly self-conscious and small. The following are five actions steps you can take immediately to bolster your self-confidence.

  1. Body Posture- Become aware of your sitting and standing posture. Bring your shoulders up to your ears, back and then down again. Lift your head and feel and imaginary thread pulling the crown of your head upwards, slightly tucking your chin in. Pull in your your belly button to tighten your abdominal muscles and slightly tuck your pelvis forward. Take a deep breath and relax into this now taller and more composed posture. Feel the difference in your confidence already.
  2. Visualize- Imagine that you are a super-star- famous! Or, imagine you are a master in martial arts. Use your imagination- sometimes referred to as the most powerful nation, to visualize a more confident self. Feel into it. How would you walk differently? How would you engage others differently? Allow yourself to embody this confident energy.
  3. Say “No!”- Find something or someone to say “No!” to. Perhaps there is something you would rather not do or somewhere you really don’t want to go, or someone is asking something from you that you really don’t want to give. Allow yourself to have a choice. Practice using that little powerful word NO! Become comfortable with using it. Start practicing saying “no” today.
  4. Say “Yes!”- Although “yes” is the opposite of “no” it can be just as powerful when we use it for our benefit. What is something that you usually say no to because it feels too SELFish? Or something you want to do but do not feel you can? Or something you would like to buy for yourself but keep putting off because other needs get in the way? Try saying yes to yourself for something you would normally not allow but really would like. Maybe it is sleeping in a little longer, luxuriating in a hot bath instead of rushing through a shower. Try saying no to the clearance rack and yes to what you really want. Treat yourself today to something special because you are something special.
  5. Shift your perspective- Look up and around at the world of humanity-  Really see them. Ask yourself, “how many of these people that I see feel a lot like I do right now?” When we feel insecure we tend to have a distorted view that we are part of a minority of overly self-conscious people and that most people feel grounded and confident. But that is just not true. Many, if not all, the people you see have insecurities. It’s really part of life- part of growing. What are their stories? What have they gone through? Perhaps its time to look into the eyes of the people around you and smile at them. A smile tells somebody, “I see you and I like you.” Its reassuring and it will shift you from being overly self-conscious to being more mindful and in the moment.

So there you have it. Try each of these five confidence boosters today and see if they make a difference for you. Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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