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Five Clues that Your Authentic Self is Hiding

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Is your authentic self hiding?

Today, nearly every personal development forum out there is teaching the importance of authenticity.  But what is authenticity? What exactly is does is mean to be authentic? The web dictionary defines authentic as “genuine or real; Not false or copied.” That in of itself explains a lot, but the problem with such a blunt description being applied to human beings is we risk stigmatizing some as inauthentic- false, copied. No one wants to think of themselves as being false or just a copy cat.  Yet the reality is every single person on this planet has various “faces” they put on for certain situations and social circles. And every single life has been shaped by its culture and is a copycat of something that came before them. No one escapes in-authenticity. So we need to remove the stigma in our mind that if we have any form of in-authenticity about us we are fake and need to be fixed. That is not the motive behind a personal journey towards full authenticity.

So why should we aspire full authenticity? Should we be concerned about whether or not we are fully authentic? Too many people are barely surviving in a world filled with loneliness, uncertainty and lack of fulfillment. When we are not authentic we are not really seen, and therefore lack genuine validation and connection. Part of self-empowerment is understanding that we have a choice of how much of ourselves we are going to share at any given time with another person. We should never feel like we have to be so open and vulnerable to the world that we put ourselves in harms way. But when your authentic self has gone into hiding even from you, then its time for you to find her or him again and embrace your incredible uniqueness. A purposeful inward journey to rediscovering your authentic self is exciting, often surprising, adventurous, and ultimately empowering. The more you uncover your true authentic self, the more your love and passion for life will be restored.

The following are five clues that your authentic self may be in hiding:

  1. Depression- My therapist used to say to me that depression can be redefined as “you pressed down.” You don’t have to be severely depressed. Even a just a constant nagging undercurrent of unhappiness is an indicator that you’ve lost yourself.
  2. You have a difficult time saying no- Finding it hard to say “no” to others often stems from deep wounds that usually were inflicted in our formative years. Somewhere we took on an internal message that to be safe we needed to make sure that we pleased other people at all times. In doing so, we left behind an integral part of who we are- that part that knows what is best for us.
  3. Making decisions is extremely difficult for you- Persistent indecisiveness results from not being in touch with oneself.
  4. Being around other people drains you- When you cannot relax and just be yourself around other people it is exhausting.
  5. Lack of intimacy in relationships- “The difference between a relationship and an intimate relationship is intimacy.” -Tony Robbins; Intimacy is the ability to understand and really know another person. An inability to be intimate with someone else often is the result of not knowing your own self at an intimate level. Hence, how can you open up to someone else something you do not even really know or understand?

Not really knowing oneself can be a crippling experience.  It can take the wind from beneath your wings, leaving you running around doing things that you do not really have any passion or zeal for, drain you of your precious life time and energy and leave you lonely, wondering what the point of all this is. Life will have no real luster no matter how much you have or what you have accomplished.

The chaos in our world stems from a sea of people who have lost touch with who they are. This world has been on a self-destructive path for too many years. We can be part of the solution when we determine to heal our own lives. One of the most important steps is to rediscover and embrace your full authenticity. High Vibes Life is here to help you do just that.

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