Empowering Lesson from 2016


This year I have learned that life is eternal, both forwards and backwards. Time is only a perception of this dimension. Therefore death is but a passage from one reality to another, and there is no need to be in a hurry about life.

I learned how to lovingly let people go that disrespect me. I have learned to ask myself if I would treat a person the way they are treating me and if there is a resounding NO! within, I can be sure they are crossing my personal boundaries and I do not have to tolerate that.

I learned I am not responsible for other people’s happiness nor are they for mine. I came to understand that other people’s opinions of me are really about them and none of my business. The way they see me or anything else is a reflection of their own inner self which they are responsible for, not me.

I have learned to fully embrace my truth. It doesn’t matter whether anyone else’s gets it or not. It’s okay if my truth is in direct contrast to someone else’s truth. Its still my truth and I need not doubt that.

I have learned to find the magic in everyday living and that it is through magic that life becomes enchanting and beautiful.

I have learned that I create my reality through perception and emotion.

I learned to let go of regrets, because, all of life is hindsight and we are all just learning and in different places of our evolution. Every experience, every choice, every thing thus far has made me what I am today. And I have come to learn that I am a pretty awesome somebody.

I learned how to be my own best friend- and consequently have conquered loneliness and feelings of isolation. I have learned how to love and care for myself first and that doing so only increases the positive impact I have on all my loved ones.

I have learned that to let go of being the caretaker of others actually empowers them and demonstrates confidence in them to find their own path.

I have learned I don’t have to go to places that I feel uncomfortable at or hang around people that don’t value me- no matter who they are. I have a choice and I have learned to make choices that feel good to me. My life matters too!

I have learned you cannot create happiness if you keep doing things that you don’t like to do and going to places you don’t want to be, or trying to impress people that could care less about you. If you want to be happy, you must do things and go places that make you feel happy. You have to be with people that make you smile. I have a choice!

I have learned to focus on those precious few relationships that allow me to be my most authentic self, freely and without judgement.

I have learned that JOY is always found in the journey. The destination is just the culmination of that specific journey’s joy. I have learned to slow down and enjoy the ride. The journey is always continuing.

I have learned to speak kind words to myself and to always love and approve of myself.

I have learned that passion is not found in controlling life, but in co-creating with it. I have learned that life is a dance and a celebration and most of all it is a gift.

I have learned that emotional pain is inflicted not by what happens to us, but by the story we tell ourselves about what happened. I have learned to tell myself a different story and to give the power back to myself.

I have learned that people play games all the time- albeit, unwittingly. I have learned to see the games and step away from them. I have learned that I would rather have one friend that is truly authentic and honest with me, than many friends that just want me to play a part in their games to make them feel better about themselves.

There are games and their is magic. I have chosen the later for it’s the stuff that childhood enchantment is made of.

The best part of 2016 has been spending time with family and friends who authentically love me and my company! These are ones who do not spread gossip, nor look down their lofty noses at others. These are ones who fully embody their own journey and allow others to fully embody theirs. These are friends and family that have put joy in my heart and a smile on my face this past year. You know who you are!

I have loved being a mother, a wife, a grandma, a sister and a friend to others.

2016 was an empowering year!

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