Color Me a Rainbow


Someone posted a picture of the rainbow on facebook, claiming the Bible’s meaning behind it; another person commented saying, they were sick of the rainbow being used for an “unholy” thing.
I don’t think the LGBT community meant to give it an “unholy” meaning nor take it away from the story in the Bible. What the whole point is behind the rainbow is that life is not black and white, even though so many see it that way. When we see life as black and white, we miss the entire beautiful spectrum of the rainbow. Some issues cannot be boxed up into two different categories.
There are a lot of colorful and beautiful people who are part of LGBT community; and there are some people who want to stick them all into the black box- the “bad” box, and let them stay there until they learn how to be “straight.” Its just not that simple.
Many of these colorful and beautiful people have been hiding inside the black box, or trying to climb out of it, but keep getting shoved back in, by those who do not understand them. Thus, the rainbow has become their way of saying that they are not BLACK- they are part of the beautiful tapestry of color that everyone else is.
I personally am not wired that way, so it is really hard for me to wrap my mind around that type of life-style. But I don’t have to. That is not my job or purpose here in life. My job is ME- being the BEST possible version of me I can be, and learning all I can in this journey called life!
I do not have to understand everything about everybody and try to control what other people do. There is no such thing as abnormal. Abnormal is a product of prejudice and believing some people are more valuable than other people. Everything and everyone is normal when put into the context of their own life.
The best thing anyone can do in a world that feels like it is going mad, is work on being that person you wish everyone else would be. Be the best possible YOU, you can be. Learn and grow and LIVE with passion. Boxes are debilitating for anyone.
There have always been and will always be a LGBT community. Shoving them into the “black box” doesn’t change that. What it does create is hypocrisy and in-authenticity which are like a big grey cloud covering the beautiful colors of the rainbow!

Trust the process.

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