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Climbing the Vibrational Ladder

Love vibes sent out into the universe

High vibrations is a place of love, trust, peace and serenity.  This current time world has a lot of low-vibrational activity going on all around us. Yet we have the capacity to begin to climb the vibrational ladder. Every thought and every action we execute has the potential to either raise or lower our vibrational state. Our mood begins with our thoughts which are generated by our perceptions of what is happening around us and how we interpret them.

Here is a personal example:

An individual came up to me and decidedly pronounced that California was going to have a famine. Alarmed, I asked, “What? Why?” She then told me that the government was not allowing farmers to water their crops. This person had perceived that this was a really bad thing and then interpreted it as a sure path to a state wide famine. She was in a low vibration and it was rippling out on me. But I decided to arrest the thought. I realized that this was her interpretation of what was going to happen. In putting this emotionally charged thought form out into the universe, she is likely to manifest this very thing happening- unless those who practice changing up the vibrations intercede. She will continue to spiral down the vibrational ladder unless she stops herself. This in turn will attract more of these worries and stories into her life. She has become a vibrational match to them.

What could she have done differently about this piece of news she heard?

She could pray for rain.
She could visualize a lush green state.
She could be more thoughtful about her own water usage. and
She could be more appreciative for the abundance of water she now enjoys.
She could advocate for the farmers right to water their farms.

These all would be higher vibrations than the resignation that she had given in to.

universe withinVibrations are emitted into the universe by literally every thing we think, do and say. Your vibrations affect everyone/everthing else around you. There are numberless ways to change up vibrations.  We could eat a colorful salad instead of greasy french fries, watch an uplifting movie instead of a violent one, do fifteen sit-ups instead of staring in the mirror for five minutes bemoaning our weight gain, add bright cheerful pillows to a dull couch or bed or put out a vase of fragrant flowers. If you really want to put this immediately into practice try SMILING- whether or not someone is looking. You will be surprised how you step right up that vibrational ladder.

Become more aware of the impact the vibrations others are having on you. You might be out driving, listening to music, feeling happy and then someone cuts you off or tailgates you; notice your vibrations being affected. How can you change them up? By arresting those reactions and refocusing your mind on what keeps you in a high vibrational state. Sometimes its that one person who says something or does something rude towards us that we let rankle inside us the rest of the day. If you find yourself disturbed by someone elses peevishness, ask yourself, “what is going right today?” It will help to shift your focus and raise your vibrations.

Vibrations are also affected by our self-care. Sometimes taking a nap is really needed. Honor that! And sometimes you need to get out in nature and just soak in some of it’s pure, magical essence. Do it! Make self care a priority in your life.

Our vibrations matter because on an energetic level, like attracts like. Most people have heard the story of the two wolves within- the good wolf and the bad wolf and how the one that survives and thrives is the one that we feed. That is so true on a vibrational level. When we feed good vibrations we attract to ourselves and ultimately into the universe, high vibrations- good things.

eyesIf you are anything like me, you have felt many times overwhelmed by all the issues and serious problems this world is facing. You may feel helpless, like you really can’t do anything about it. I say, YES YOU CAN! Changing up your vibrations one step at a time is the single most powerful action you can take in this world. It has the potential to bring you complete soul-satisfaction and to affect others in the same way. No matter where we are, no matter what is happening, we can always take a little step up, even if it is as simple as a smile or an earnest prayer whispered from the heart.


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