Citrus C Juice to Combat the Winter Blues

Winter citrus fruit is not only loaded with vitamins that boost and support your immune system, the bright yellow and orange colors are a cheerful presence on cold, cloudy days.

I rarely get sick, but this year my body was a little extra stressed and a darned virus took hold. Luckily I had a bowl full of citrus and some other ingredients that helped knock that bug out in no time at all. Two days down is not so bad, and let me tell you when I was down I was pretty sick.

So I thought I would share my recipe here. I also took hot baths adding essential oils peppermint, sage and myrrh; I also mixed these oils with a carrier oil rubbing this lavishly on my neck, sinuses and chest. (be careful with peppermint oil around the face though as it can feel hot and burn your eyes)

The following juice is made with organic fruits and veggies and has a slightly tart taste. Very refreshing!

Citrus C Cold Buster Juice

Run through your juicer:
2 medium oranges, peeled
1 large lemon, peeled
4 medium orange carrot
I thumb size fresh turmeric
I thumb size fresh ginger

Mix with same amount of water; so if you got 1 cup of juice, add one cup of water.
Put 1 cup of frozen strawberries in a high-speed blender. Add half the juice and begin to blend slowly adding remaining juice.
Pour into glasses and enjoy!

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