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Trying to Get it Right

A Poem I wrote today about the struggle in trying to get something right!










Trying to Get it Right
Written by: Elizabeth A. Van Cleve

I heard you the first time
and tried to get it right
But my memory and my will
Got into a fight
My will it won the battle
and overtook my might

Your earnest plea the next time
Made my memory strong
I made a resolution
Not to get it wrong
But my resolution vanquished
Beneath the pressing throng

The punishment convinced me
N’er let my focus stray
To do my duty faithfully
Let nothing dim my way
But boredom slowed my footsteps
Daydreams set me to play

Your smile was refreshing
As you explained to me
The hows and whats and whys
And then you set me free
Right or wrong or not at all
Was now a choice for me

I heard you the last time
But now I understood
I didn’t have to try this time
I knew I surely would
For my will was now the Master
Of the right way for my good!

Racism of the Unborn

Two semester’s ago I took a woman’s history class. My teacher was extremely liberal and had a strong and obvious agenda in her class to affect the students in seeing the world the way she sees it. Like so many, she truly believed her perspective was the right perspective rather than just realizing it was one perspective among billions.
One day she came into class very perturbed and leaned in to tell us why.
“I am VERY SORRY,” her dramatic discourse began.
“Did any of you have a run in with that group on campus?”
“I apologize. Our hands are tied. We are not allowed to ask them to leave. If you run into them, just walk away. It’s really sad that we have to put up with these type of fanatics. Did anyone here have a run in with them?” She asked with great concern.
One petite young lady sitting in the back of the class spoke up,
“I did!”
“What happened? Did you have any trouble with them?”
“No, not really. Actually I thought what they had to say made a lot of sense. They offered a lot of studies and information. There were things they said that really made me think.”
The teacher quickly gave a dismissing nod and asked if anyone else had run into to them.
I sat there feeling pretty dumb, not having a clue to what she was talking about, until finally someone raised their hand and asked her what group she was referring to.
“Oh, its that “pro-life” group. They come here about once a year to spread their propaganda. Unfortunately, legally we can’t ask them to leave.”
At that point I was pissed off. Here this teacher was completely undermining the integrity of a movement bound by love and compassion, and instilling a disrepute in the minds of her students in such a way as to shut down their own reasoning skills and accept the narrow-minded view of one perspective.
All throughout the semester she rallied against the atrocities committed on Native Americans, African Americans, Jews, and women. Her biggest emphasis was on the fact that in order for people to come to a place where they can commit these horrific human sacrifices without a prick in the conscience, they have to first DEHUMANIZE them.
BAM! She hit the mark spot on. And yet, here she was dehumanizing unborn children so she could assuage her conscience for her part in the annihilation of 40-50 million unborn children a year world wide.
Some day this mass extermination will be a thing of the past; then, future generations will look back at the holocaust of unborn children with horror and ask, how could anyone have done such a thing? How could so many people have believe that it was okay???

January- A Time to Dream!

January could be termed the sweet-and-sour month. We kick–start it off celebrating and sipping on the sweet wine of new beginnings. But all too soon the warmth of the holidays dies out, the skies darken and the winter chill seems to nibble its way right down to our bones. The sinister flu-bug sneaks around taking unwary victims prey. And the unripened sour grapes of hopes and dreams- yet unrealized, can leave us feeling empty and depressed.

But we do not have to eat the sour grapes; we can choose rather to water and fertilize the dreams we have planted. It takes some resolve to shake off gloom’s icy fingers, but we can turn up the heater, bundle up in warm clothing, grab a hot cup of tea or coffee, and with a pen and dream-journal in hand, write down all our dreams, our hopes, and our desired tomorrows.

Winter is a time of hibernation, of stillness, of letting old things die away and designing our future. Sunshine is just around the corner. But for now, while the days are dark, and though the heart be heavy, just remember that it is during the darkest hours that dreams are forged. Take advantage of this quiet interval to cuddle up with your soul and nurture it with special love and attention. Let it speak the secrets that need to come forward. Let it cry the tears that need to be shed. And let it be comforted with the vision of new and good things to come.

And most of all, have faith in your dreams; bask in their deliciousness, as if they have already manifested; and be sure they will!

So Much to Do


Blink away the morning
And rush into the day
Quickly we remember
To take a moment to pray
Then on to the next task
Our minds dart to and fro
Got so much to accomplish
So many places to go

Loved ones scurry past us
They are busy too
We barely even notice them
There is so much do
Off into the traffic
Time is slipping by
“Drivers are all idiots
And surely must be high”

Music, news, talk shows
And cell phones on the way
A drive-through meal and coffee
To help us start our day
One by one we scratch off
The list of things to do
And feel a sense of purpose
Which helps us make it through

Evening finds us crashing
And somewhat overtaxed
We hope to find a moment
In which we can relax
While duties still harass us
And load us down with care
And in our irritation
We think life isn’t fair

Our loved ones feel like strangers
We barely even know
For we’ve been much too busy
Were always on the go
We lay awake at night
And try to understand
The emptiness were feeling
In spite of what we have

Outside our life’s abundant
But within we groan
“I have my friends and family
“And yet I feel alone
“I’ve worked and toiled daily
“God knows I have tried
“Why is it that I lay here
“And feel unsatisfied?”

Meanwhile the stars are twinkling
The dewdrops kiss the earth
The crickets,frogs and nightingales
Sing and dance with mirth

The morning sky’s a light show
A glorious display
And all the birds melodious
Fill up the break of day

The children wake up running
with eagerness and cheer
Glad the night is over
Another day is here

We once too had their magic
To see the world anew
before we got all caught up
In all the things we had to do

Poem by Elizabeth Van Cleve

Why Do I Keep Creating the Same Thing?


Answering a question concerning yesterdays post:

Thank you Elizabeth. A really interesting article which I totally understand. What I don’t understand – and maybe you could answer it for me – I have cleared out so much usable trash to the charity shops this year, but the space has been refilled! Bizarre!

The exercise I gave in my article “Taking Out the Trash” had three parts to it-

  1. The physical aspect- seeing and then removing from your environment that which does not add to your happiness and well-being.
  2. The intellectual– noticing and acknowledging any conflicts that arise as you clean out the area and releasing these thought forms with gratitude.
  3. The spiritual– praying, meditating, and seeking Spirit for new vision.

I believe that we are all made of body, mind and spirit. Hence my “High Vibes Life” vision is the healing of all three of these aspects. I believe that they are all interconnected and what affects one affects the others.

Louise Hay is a pioneer in directly connecting physical ailments with unhealthy thinking. When the psyche absorbs and holds unhealthy thought forms, the body is affected and the spirit is affected. The connection to our higher self, or to source energy, is obscured. Therefore, healing involves all three aspects of the person.

I also believe we are co-creators of our reality and that all creation begins with thought. It is easy to envision this when considering the creations of Walt Disney. What movie would ever have been made, what amusement park would have ever been created, if someone had not first thought up a story? And then someone else thought of a way to bring that story more to life? And then a way was thought to become even more interactive with that story.

All creation begins with thought. Abraham Hicks often says, “Belief is only a thought that someone keeps thinking.” So even belief systems, religions and cultures- everything begins with thoughts both individually and collectively.

And so, we are first spirit- or consciousness- that has a persistent thought (mind) that becomes a belief and manifests (physical).

Now think of everything on an energetic level that has a huge spectrum of color and vibrations. The lowest vibrations feel negative and unhealthy. The highest vibrations feel heavenly and euphoric. In our creation we experience the entire spectrum and come to the conclusion that we want to create more high vibrations because they feel better. In other words, we go through some very negative stuff and realize that we do not want to feel that way anymore nor do we want others to feel that way. We begin to try and figure out how to create a better world for ourselves. However, we have already created an existence with much low vibrational thought forms. So in order to reverse this, we need to clean house.

Cleaning up our creation involves all three aspects- spirit, mind and body. If we only involve one of these, if we only clean up the physical, but neglect to clean up the other two, the same reality will keep manifesting. The most important cleaning job is the mind, because that is where creation begins. So the practice of acknowledging what has been created, showing gratitude for it and what we learned and experienced through it and then setting it free or letting it go is pivotal to creating something new.

I know this may seem overwhelming to some, but if you reread it several times over the next month or so, it will begin to make so much sense.

You asked about why your space filled right back in when you emptied it. That is what your thought forms are currently creating. We have to change our thought forms long enough and consistently enough to where they become a belief and manifest something new.

We see this same phenomenon in individuals seeking to lose weight. They lose weight, but not too long afterward, gain it all back. That is because they have not thought of themselves as strong, healthy, and fit long enough to believe it. The old beliefs that they are overweight, lazy, etc… are still stronger. Sometimes we have to do deeper work to uproot these beliefs. Other times, simply writing affirmations and consistently repeating them helps. But affirmations only help if you can believe them. If it only feels like a mockery of what is, it can be more of a hindrance.

So my advice in answering this question would be to incorporate all the steps when you clean your space. If you really want that stuff in your space, and it adds to your happiness and well-being, then do not worry about it. We are only cleaning out what no longer serves us in our happy evolution.

Remember that all creation begins with a thought- which is thought long enough to become a belief. That is where intention comes in. Envision what you want to create in as much detail as possible.

Here is an exercise I do that helps. I will sit on my couch or in a room I want to change. I will look around it quickly, taking in the overall structure of the room. Now, close your eyes and pretend you are an artist that is going to paint the room into something beautiful. Put no limits on it. Just create in your imagination. When you are done, open your eyes and notice everything in the room that does not fit in with that Creation. Then you will know what to remove- which is the beginning of creating something new.

I hope this has been helpful.

Thank you for your question.

Much love and peace to you all!



Get Rid of the Trash- A New Years Revolution!

take out the trash

So many of our lives are cluttered with trash and excess. We cannot live to the fullest because of all the trash.

When someone invests in a repo-home that has been “trashed” what is the first thing that they need to do to begin renovating that home? Yep! Take out the trash! Before the house is cleaned, before the house is painted and updated, YOU MUST GET RID OF THE TRASH. If you try and reverse this process and paint first or clean, it will be a mess and very difficult to get to the results you want. The trash will impede your progress and clutter your vision. Taking out and dumping everything you do not want in that house produces the quickest and most dramatic results- it is the beginning of a revolution.

Sitting at the precipice of a new year, many of us are ready for a revolution in our lives.  We are done trying to make what we have better- we want something completely different. Heretofore,  many of us have set about trying to put on a coat of spiritual paint or clean up mistakes without giving much thought to moving the trash out of our lives. All our effort seems to leave us no better off as we realize that we still feel frustrated, lost and unfulfilled. Our vision is impaired by all the clutter; as we lose sight of our purpose we cease to progress. Then, we sit and wonder why we feel depressed.

The “trash” is anything that clutters your mind and life and distracts you from living in the present moment.

The Bible teaches that to God- source energy, a thousand years is as one day; not because God sits in the sky and keeps a different calendar from us; but because time is simply an illusion of this dimension. Source just is. Source has no time limit. Source says, I AM! In the moment, in this present moment, I AM! Source is our life force- our chi. Past and present are part of the illusion of time. Our life force is I AM- here and now, alive, conscious.

Trash is all the excesses that depletes our chi energy. Is your mind cluttered with yesterday’s baggage and tomorrow’s concerns? Get rid of the trash! Meditate. Be present. Be conscious. Be ALIVE!

Life is a gift. The trash is anything that stops the flow of vibrant life.

What “things” do we need to live at this present moment? Air, water, food, shelter and clothing- all life sustaining! The essentials sustain life, the rest consumes life. To be conscious is to be aware of what sustains or feeds your life energy and what depletes it. When our life is abundant, (which is not only how it could be, but how it should be) we have rivers of life flowing out from within that water everything around us. If you begin to dump trash into a river and keep it up for a long time, that river will become clogged and may even dam up the flow. The trash- clutters, clogs, distracts and keeps the flow of life giving energy from moving freely.

The trash is the excess of stuff packed away in closets and drawers.
The trash is the excess food, drink and other substances our bodies do not need.
The trash is all of yesterday’s baggage and tomorrow’s worries.
The trash are things in our life that no longer serve a purpose.
The trash are attitudes that drain us, unforgiveness that enslaves us to bitterness and judgments that condemn us. For the bible tells us that the way we judge others is the way we judge ourselves.
The trash is a head full of knowledge, yet no practice.

Knowledge is like a bank account- it can endlessly stored and saved. But unless it’s applicable it can weigh us down. Unless we take it out and put it to use, its useless. It is better to know less and live what you know, than to know so much and do nothing with it. Knowledge is a tool. Some of our old out-dated tools need to be laid aside for newer and more efficient tools that help us live a more abundant life. Be picky about what you study- what you give your mind to. Wisdom is knowing how and when to use the knowledge you’ve accumulated.

One way to identify how cluttered and trashed your mind and spirit are is to really open your eyes and look about you. Is your physical surroundings full of excess clutter and trash? Our physical reality is always a mirror of our internal reality, for within the mind and spirit is where all creation begins.

Exercise for decluttering your life:

Take out the trash- in your home, office, car, purse, cupboards, storage units, offices, desks, bedrooms, drawers, etc… Take one space at a time and empty it completely. Then clean it, paint it,  and only put back what truly sustains or adds to your life force. Dump the rest. As you take up this task in your physical reality, you will notice a conflict begin within your internal reality. Just take note of it. Do not over analyze it. Do not judge it. Just notice it. Acknowledge it. Then, with a grateful heart for the understanding that it’s purpose was served set it free. Don’t keep anything out of guilt. If you don’t use it, if it doesn’t bless your life, if it’s just taking up space, let it go!

Once the trash is removed and the river is unclogged it will begin to flow once again. Now is the time to ask for Spirit to show us new heights to climb, with a fresh and clear vision. Now is the time to discover what makes us come ALIVE! Now is the time to pour out from an overflowing heart, rivers of blessings on mother earth and her inhabitants.

Will 2017 be a year of palpable and exhilarating revolution?

It all depends on what we do with the trash!

Happy New Year!

Empowering Lesson from 2016


This year I have learned that life is eternal, both forwards and backwards. Time is only a perception of this dimension. Therefore death is but a passage from one reality to another, and there is no need to be in a hurry about life.

I learned how to lovingly let people go that disrespect me. I have learned to ask myself if I would treat a person the way they are treating me and if there is a resounding NO! within, I can be sure they are crossing my personal boundaries and I do not have to tolerate that.

I learned I am not responsible for other people’s happiness nor are they for mine. I came to understand that other people’s opinions of me are really about them and none of my business. The way they see me or anything else is a reflection of their own inner self which they are responsible for, not me.

I have learned to fully embrace my truth. It doesn’t matter whether anyone else’s gets it or not. It’s okay if my truth is in direct contrast to someone else’s truth. Its still my truth and I need not doubt that.

I have learned to find the magic in everyday living and that it is through magic that life becomes enchanting and beautiful.

I have learned that I create my reality through perception and emotion.

I learned to let go of regrets, because, all of life is hindsight and we are all just learning and in different places of our evolution. Every experience, every choice, every thing thus far has made me what I am today. And I have come to learn that I am a pretty awesome somebody.

I learned how to be my own best friend- and consequently have conquered loneliness and feelings of isolation. I have learned how to love and care for myself first and that doing so only increases the positive impact I have on all my loved ones.

I have learned that to let go of being the caretaker of others actually empowers them and demonstrates confidence in them to find their own path.

I have learned I don’t have to go to places that I feel uncomfortable at or hang around people that don’t value me- no matter who they are. I have a choice and I have learned to make choices that feel good to me. My life matters too!

I have learned you cannot create happiness if you keep doing things that you don’t like to do and going to places you don’t want to be, or trying to impress people that could care less about you. If you want to be happy, you must do things and go places that make you feel happy. You have to be with people that make you smile. I have a choice!

I have learned to focus on those precious few relationships that allow me to be my most authentic self, freely and without judgement.

I have learned that JOY is always found in the journey. The destination is just the culmination of that specific journey’s joy. I have learned to slow down and enjoy the ride. The journey is always continuing.

I have learned to speak kind words to myself and to always love and approve of myself.

I have learned that passion is not found in controlling life, but in co-creating with it. I have learned that life is a dance and a celebration and most of all it is a gift.

I have learned that emotional pain is inflicted not by what happens to us, but by the story we tell ourselves about what happened. I have learned to tell myself a different story and to give the power back to myself.

I have learned that people play games all the time- albeit, unwittingly. I have learned to see the games and step away from them. I have learned that I would rather have one friend that is truly authentic and honest with me, than many friends that just want me to play a part in their games to make them feel better about themselves.

There are games and their is magic. I have chosen the later for it’s the stuff that childhood enchantment is made of.

The best part of 2016 has been spending time with family and friends who authentically love me and my company! These are ones who do not spread gossip, nor look down their lofty noses at others. These are ones who fully embody their own journey and allow others to fully embody theirs. These are friends and family that have put joy in my heart and a smile on my face this past year. You know who you are!

I have loved being a mother, a wife, a grandma, a sister and a friend to others.

2016 was an empowering year!

Vegan Life

Generally I have found that if it doesn’t look good, it won’t taste good. 

I decided not to view this change to a vegan diet as a deprivation of all the yummy foods I used to love, but rather as a new life wherein I am discovering new foods with even more deliciousness. 

It has rekindled my passion for food preparation. This vegan life-style requires thought, innovation, research and creativity. I am challenged to make the most satisfying dishes in the healthiest possible way. It is an adventure and a whole new world. 

For lunch today I made a sandwich that was to die for with a Marsala vegan patty, grilled onion, bell pepper, tomato, lettuce and a bit of my mock cheese sauce, all on toasted, gluten free rye bread. 

I’ve got plans for a Vegan borscht for dinner. Mmmm mmmm!