Seven Ways to Harness the Full Moon Energy



Tonight is a full moon so everything we do will be amplified. Here are some ways to positively harness the intense energy of the full moon.

  1. Take an aura-cleansing bath. Add a few drops of Frankincense and one of your favorite floral scented essential oils to 1-2 cups of Epsom salts. Place this in a tub of water to soak in. Light candles. Pray for negative attachments to be release and cleared and for your aura to be filled with light and love. I also pray for the Christ spirit to be in me.
  2. Focus on what your highest intentions for your life are and then make a list of things that no longer serve those intentions. Because a full moon goes on the wane, it is the perfect time for letting go of things. Sometimes I do a ritual of burning the paper I wrote the things I want to release from my life, with thankfulness for how those things once served me, but now giving them to the fire to be transmuted into something more positive.
  3. Meditate/pray for others that have illness or particular situations that are not desired. Mentally see the negative aspects put in a bubble and sent out into the universe to dissolve, or placed in a glass boat and sent out to sea and disintegrated into the waters.  Then visualize that person in a healed and healthy place.
  4. Do a home/space cleanse to clear out any negative energy in your environment.
  5. Wash your crystals in cool running water and then set them out under the full moon light overnight to clear and renew their energy.
  6. Create and write out a personal mantra to repeat everyday until the next full moon. It should be something that helps you let go of something, overcome something or manifest something in your experience. It should carry a lot of emotion in it. It could be releasing a grudge: “I release this person from the anger I feel. I send them love and good will. I no longer hold onto the past.” A manifestation mantra could be, “I now receive abundance with joy and satisfaction in my life’s work.” Google “Creating Mantras” if you need ideas, but be sure to really personalize it.
  7. And finally, how about a moon party? Invite a couple close friends. Sit out under the moon. Do a ritual together, or just dance and celebrate the beauty of the full moon. Remember, the energies you put out will be intensified under a full moon. So celebrate. Allow life to be enchanting.

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Full Moon Energy

Recharging my rocks, seashells and gemstones under the full moon tonight






Preparing Crystals for the Full Moon

Tomorrow is the full moon and a good time to recharge your rocks and gemstones. Today I am preparing to put mine out by giving them a clean water bath. I have well-water, but if you live in the city, you may want to use bottled water to avoid exposure to the chlorine, fluoride and other inorganic substance within the city water.

Be sure your own energy is clean and your vibrations are good; you can do this by meditating and/or praying, putting on some mood-lifting music, bathing and applying essential oils, re-hydrating with plenty of clean water and making meals of fresh fruits and veggies.

I cleaned my kitchen sinks out with some baking-soda. Then I filled one side with fresh water. I added 1/4 tsp organic sea salt- not too much or it can damage some types of gemstones. I cut a sprig of leaves from my grape vine and rinsed and rinsed them in cool water and then added it to the sink of water. You can add a few drops of essential oil as well if you like.

Next, I rinsed my stones (and my seashells) in running tap water over the empty sink to rinse away any dust and dirt. A few of them I used a little eco-friendly liquid dish detergent on. I placed them all in the prepared sink of water, and put my hands inside the water to bless and charge it with peace, love and healing. They are soaking in there now. I will pull them out to dry in a couple of hours and tomorrow I’ll them arranged on a table to put under the full moon all night.

Stay tuned for more pictures and ideas!