Good Energy Verses Bad Energy


Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

Many of us have heard the native American parable of the good and bad wolf within, and how we all have both wolves within and the one we feed is the one that wins. We can look at energy or vibrations in the same context. There are good vibrations and there are bad vibrations and whatever you feed is what is going to grow bigger.

When people focus on how bad this world is- the crime, the corruption in politics, the fighting, the discontent, they are feeding that bad energy. Focusing on the negative, giving it your time and attention and especially allowing it to alter your mood and emotions, talking about, sharing the bad news you hear- this is all feeding that bad energy. Whatever you place your focus and emotional energy on, you are growing.

To bring about the positive change in our world, we need to reverse this trend. We need to learn and practice feeding the good energy. And to feed the good energy, you have to talk about those things that are good.

There are many people living happy fulfilled lives in this  “negative” world. At times this angers the people that are focused on all the bad stuff. This is because the energy of the people that are focused on the negative is clashing with the energy of the people that are focused on the positive. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum, feeding two different wolves. But instead of getting angry we need to start feeding the positive wolf too. There is a scripture in the Christian bible that teaches us to think on the things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, good news, if it has any virtue or anything worth praising- meditate on these things.  Talk about those things. Put those things out there into the energy field- into your vortex. (Philippians 4:8)

The reason that the news is so full of horrible stories is because every time a piece of bad news gets out there, people are like those baby Salmon you feed at the fish hatcheries. The media keeps sprinkling all the dirty stuff they can find and the masses swarm it. They give attention to it. They talk about. They listen to radio programs on it. The bad news travels hither and yon.

Does this mean that we should just ignore bad news. ABSOLUTELY! That’s exactly what it means. Starve out that bad energy wolf. When you come across bad news, say a prayer for whomever had been affected. Send them out positive thoughts and vibrations. If there is something you can actually do about it, do it. But otherwise, go feed the good energy because there is just as much good news out there too. But a lot of people will pass the good right up. They will scroll right past the positive stories and come to a screeching halt to read any sensational piece of gossip or dirt.

If you really want to see improvement in this world then start clicking on the good headlines. Yahoo news and other similar sites create more stories like the ones that get the most clicks. The media simply puts out what sells. Don’t point the finger at the media when you are clicking on and sharing the trash. Do you really need to click that article about the man who just murdered his wife and children or the kid that was mutilated by a lion? No! You don’t.

Meditate and/or Pray for Peace

When you meditate and you pray peace for humanity and for those that are going through sorrow and grief and difficult situations, when you send out good vibes into the universe for them, you are covering all of that. But when you click on that piece of bad news and read it and get that negative visual in your mind feeling the disgust or sadness you are increasing the negative energy in this world. You are contributing to the energetic downfall of humanity. That may be hard to swallow but its just how it is.

There are times when awareness of something that is wrong needs to be raised. For example, recently I read about the horrific mutilation of geese in China to produce our feather pillows and such. This type of “bad news” can be helpful when there comes along with it a positive action I can take to stop this. I now know not to buy feather pillows from China. And I will pass this information along to my readers as well. I can also support industries that are free of animal cruelty. So in that case I am taking my energy away from what I don’t want and putting towards what I do want and that is strengthening the positive energy.

Sometimes there is bad news that affects us nationally that we need to know about. So I am not saying that we should never again listen to a piece of bad news. But the point is, where is your energy and focus flowing? Which energetic wolf are you feeding in your life?


Another example; there are many animal activist out there that are trying to get people to see how wrong it is to eat meat. But you can be an animal activist and still be contributing to the negative energy of this world. You do this by going out there and attacking people that eat meat, trying to make them feel bad by telling them how horrible they are and how they have no conscience and putting out negative quotes about meat eaters. That is not helping the animals nor this world. But, what you can do if you are concerned about something like this, you can decide that you are not going to eat meat. Be an example of someone that can stay healthy and strong on a meat free diet. You will have a greater affect. People will no longer feel defensive but rather inquisitive and will more readily listen to why you have chosen your path. These are positive ways to affect the vibrational energy in this world.

This is not about just being a positive Pollyanna. Its not about denying what is, nor denying our emotions behind that. What it is about is considering which energetic wolf in this world you are feeding:

“Where your attention goes, that is where energy flows”

If our overall attention in this world is going to feed the negative, then the negative in this world is going to grow. But if each person that insists on feeding the positive and on finding ways to bring positive thought into this universe, to bring hope and to bring light and to  continually feed that we will see positive change.

If you want to experience this world in a higher state of love and peace and tranquility and happiness and joy, it has to start with you.  Be determined that what you are going to feed in your life is the positive energetic wolf.

With Brave Wings She Flies!


By Elizabeth Van Cleve
July 4, 2014, edited August 10, 2016

It’s been over two years since I left the church I had been a part of for close to 20 years. With all the courage I could muster, I walked out of the inner world of protocol, dogma and dictation and out into a world of uncertainty and misgiving. I waited for the sky to fall, for the serpent to bite, for the wrath of God to shake his finger at me and claim me a heretic doomed for hell’s fires. Every slip away from the rules and regulations I had so faithfully adhered to, was followed by accusations that I was the devil’s advocate and would soon be “seven times worse than before.”

It wasn’t a hasty nor a light decision. It began a few years prior, when in a desperate cry for relief from a monotonous, insipid life, I began to pray that God would take every ounce of religious spirit out of me and to help me to be a proper representative of him. Over the years the splits, fighting, hurt and drama I had witnessed at church and in the religious world at large, I knew God could not be the instigator of it all. I was so discouraged and let down. I could not envision the entire world being locked down in this systematic way of living that we were regularly admonished to uphold. Though I understood very deeply that the world at large has great needs, in my mind this way of life was not the answer.

I began reading books written by women who had been involved in religious cults and they resonated the same fears I had about leaving their religion, of God’s wrath, and of their system being the only way to heaven. It opened my eyes to the manipulation of fear, and I began to understand that what was holding me to the church I was immersed in was no longer a love for Christ and his work; Somewhere along the way, that had been lost in all the “do’s and dont’s” and in the complete take over of my life. I was no longer happy there and I was dying inside and the church did not have the answers to my inner turmoil. I knew that the only thing that was continuing to hold me there was fear. Yet, God was working so gently within my heart, drawing me closer to and showing me my wings.

A complete paradigm shift was going on inside of me. Little by little God began to rock my world so severely and I knew I needed to leave religion behind me. I read a book titled “Half The Sky” written by two journalist who traveled to several countries and witnessed the violation and oppression of women and young girls in developing countries. The stories in this book were absolutely horrific. I began to contemplate how so many women were in countries and/or positions where they had no voice about what was being done them. I thought about all the religious oppression world wide where torture and blood shed awaits any who would dare question the system. And here I was in AMERICA- the land of the FREE choosing OPPRESSION! I then realized that leaving church was not just about me. My freedom was about every man, woman and child out there who have no rights. My freedom was not to be taken lightly. My freedom was a responsibility. My freedom was their HOPE!

Yet I struggled because of years and years of fear conditioning. Then, one day I saw this vision of myself; I was in a large cage, curled up in a ball, crying. The door of the cage was wide open but I was too terrified to leave because I believed the serpent waited without to devour me. Then God spoke to me and told me to use my wings and fly away.  It took a great amount of courage to leave flying straight towards my deepest fear. It was the bravest step I ever took. But the day I flew away, a great load lifted off of me and I knew, I had just taken my first step towards TRUE FREEDOM!- that freedom that comes from within- that freedom of KNOWING I have wings and Spirit is the wind beneath them and that nothing could ever separate me from God. The day I walked away, was the beginning of my personal inner freedom and authenticity.

I have never regretted that decision!

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

To read more of my spiritual journey out of religion and what I have learned see my book: “The Voice of God Within: An Inward Journey of Discovery and Restoration”

Making Meaningful Connections


All human misery stems from disconnection.
Pain is physical, mental or emotional suffering at varying intensities. Pain tells us something is out of balance and even life threatening.
Misery is extreme distress, and wretchedness of conditions or circumstances and definitely carries the component of pain.

Humans are designed for connection.
The only thing that connects us with God and with one another is love. Love is the only connecting energy in the universe. Everything that steers us away from love- even to the extreme of hatred, is disconnecting. Without love we drift away from God- our source- and from one another.

In order to connect with somebody in love, you have to put your full attention on them.
Connection takes attention with admiration- not agitation.
So many people are striving to connect with someone, but they are agitated, either about that person or about something else that is going on in their life. This agitation keeps them from their real and important focus, which is the person they are endeavoring to connect with. What they need instead is admiration.

When you focus on anything or anyone with admiration and love, you are going to make a connection.
Admiration is a feeling of wonder, pleasure and approval.
Most of us have relationships that we want to improve- relationships with spouse, child, friend, coworker, God, or even self!
Try focusing on the one you need better connection with, with admiration and love.

Focus! Admire! Love!

Key ingredients to real connection.

Love is the Beauty of the Soul

“As love grows in you, so does beauty; for love is the beauty of the soul.”




Snowdrop Fairy

how sweet



The most beautiful thing is to see a person you love smiling. And even more beautiful is knowing that you are the reason behind it.

older love




Love is just a word until you find someone that gives it definition.

flying rose




Gods love




family hearts

love cat

love legs

If you love someone, tell them. Forget about the rules or the fear of looking ridiculous. What is really ridiculous is passing up on an opportunity to tell someone that your heart is invested in them.


Purple Rain

puple rose

laughing in rain



he first loved




valentine hug

love harder


the end


Happy Valentines Day!


Home Education Is Not the Problem but Could Hold the Answer

The following post was originally an English paper I wrote back in 2008. But the basic message still holds true. In light of all the educational reform taking place, especially more and more freedoms being pulled away from us concerning the education of our children, I present this timely message:

(Some of the present-tense was exchanged for past-tense because of the passage of time since it was written)

Whose Children Are They Anyways?

Fighting to Keep Our Freedom to Educate Our Own Children

Back in 2008, California Judge Stephen Marpet, decided that a family did not have a right to educate their children without providing a teacher with a California teaching credential. The ruling caused a lot of upheaval in the home schooling community. The California courts said that “parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children.” (Sacbee) In this case the eldest of eight children had reported abuse from their father. But instead of the abuse being directly dealt with, the onslaught was to attack the home education of the children. Instead of the central focus being on the safety of the children, the courts turned the attention onto an attack against home educators. The ruling of one family was placed on millions of families. “Parents who don’t comply can be criminally prosecuted”, said Judge H. Walter Croskey in an opinion issued by the 2nd District Court of Appeal.” (Sacbee)

All across our nation, similar cases have been reported: In Illinois, a home schooling family is summonsed to court by a truant officer (HSLDA Illinois v. Walters;) In Michigan a home schooling family was threatened with a $3,500 fine and faced criminal charges over a simple mistake of transferring school records. (HSLDA Michigan v. Broughton) Further research into this issue revealed a great danger to our nation’s freedom and left me with a grave concern and troubled mind. I ask, whose children are  they anyways? Why do the courts, the government, and the National Education Association have so much say in what my child should or should not learn?

Margaret Gaston of the Center for Future of Teaching and Learning was quoted saying, “Teaching another human being is a very complex process, and not everyone can do it.” (Mercury News) What kind of unqualified statement is this?  I didn’t need a credential to give birth, nurse my babies, change their diapers, or stay up all hours of the night to care for them while they were sick. No one demanded a college degree to read bedtime stories to them, teach them to eat from a spoon, drink from a cup or use a potty. A certified teacher was not called in when they learned to ride a bike, jump rope, or play a game of chess. I sought no higher education before bringing them into the kitchen with me to learn how to fry, cook and bake, to differentiate measuring dry ingredients in one set of cups and liquids in another; only a simple kitchen scale was needed to teach them about weights. They quickly learned the difference between a gallon of milk and quart of milk, a pound of butter and a pint of cream. Fractions were added when we doubled or tripled a recipe. We measured our feet and yards when we built boxed frames for our garden; “Should we plant a seed 1/4″ or 1/2″ into the ground?” It didn’t take a scholar with a bachelors degree to read out loud from “Where the Red Fern Grows”, “Little House on the Prairie”, or ‘Old Yeller.” No scientist was needed to explain how to keep fertile chicken eggs warm for 21 days.

Together my children, husband and I watched chickens hatch, caterpillars turn into butterflies, and lady bugs grow from tiny larvae and then we fed them before setting them free in our garden. A bird feeder, a couple field guides and many outdoor adventures taught my children to recognize the difference between the call of crow or a mocking bird, the rap of a woodpecker and the hoot of an owl. We had fun spotting the red-winged black birds and listening to the beautiful call of the meadow larks.


By age 15 my son was actively following the presidential campaign, forming his own political views and authoring a successful blog titled, “Let Freedom Ring.” During one week he plowed and seeded an acre of pasture using a homemade plow he built himself, put up fencing with his father and purchased sheep. My children raised and cared for chickens, planted gardens, learned piano, and sang in both a choir and a group, learning all the harmony parts. My son hand raised and sold trees as well as planted many in our back yard, and taught himself grafting. All of this was done without any “Credentialed teacher.”

While the news continues to bombarded us with serious issues going on in public schools, including sex, smoking, drugs, bullying and even mass murders, my home educated son plays piano and organ, has produced and sold his own CD, is a devoted employee for American Medical Response and has won fire fighter of the year in our county for the past three years.

At age 15 my oldest daughter could play piano, sing, sew, clean a house efficiently, cook and bake, take care of young children and babies and do laundry. She volunteered as a candy-striper at the local hospital and co-authored a blog in which she encouraged girls her age to live a virtuous life. Today she is married and is raising a beautiful baby girl. She is an awesome photographer and a kind, generous, loving mother, wife and friend.

My youngest special needs daughter is happy in her transition program, working part-time at Beverlys. Being mentally challenged and having had epilepsy her entire life, today she reads, writes, crotchets, plays games, enjoys archery, and is pretty independent in her self-care.

My personal success story with homeschooling is not unique. In fact, research shows that home educated children score 15 to 30 percent higher on standardized tests regardless of their parents academic or financial status, and that home educated children are more likely to participate in community service, vote, go to public meetings, and succeed in college; and a national benefit of the home education movement is that it saves the economy over $6 billion dollars a year. (NHERI, 8)

In the book “A Sense of Self” Susannah Sheffer, editor of “Growing Without Home Schooling” magazine, asked herself why the adolescent girls she knew were not disturbed like the ones she was reading about in the research she was doing. She discovered that the researchers were only taking into account adolescent girls that were in public education. The home-schooled girls she knew and interviewed for her book showed self confidence, and belief in their ability to achieve their dreams (5). In contrast, she found that public educated adolescent girls suffer more from depression, disturbances about their appearances and eating disorders. Furthermore, she found that adolescents of both genders expressed great relief and freedom of self when they changed from public school to home school (4).

President Bush openly acknowledged the failure of the public school system in his speech on “No Child Left Behind”:

Today, nearly 70% of inner city fourth graders are unable to read at a basic level on national reading tests. Our high school graders seniors trail students in college freshmen find they must take a remedial course before they are able to even begin regular college level course. Since 1965, when the federal government embarked on its first major elementary-secondary education initiative, federal policy has strongly has strongly influenced America’s schools. Over the years, congress has created hundreds of programs intended to address problems in education without asking whether or not the programs produce results of knowing their impact on local needs. This “program for every problem” solution has begun to add up- at a cost of $120 billion a year. Yet, after spending billions of dollars on education, we have fallen short in meeting our goals for educational excellence. The academic achievement gap between rich and poor, Anglo and minority is not only wide, but in some cases is growing wider still.

At the time of the speech, 1965 was over forty-three years ago. That is a long time to keep failing. It stands to reason that if we are going to close down schools for the lack of “quality education” that public schools should be the target, not home schools. If home education has been proven to be successful and public education continues on a downward spiral of failure, why then is there so much concern about parents educating their own children? What is the motivation behind the continual harassment of home educators?

John Gatto, a school teacher for over thirty years, author of the book, “The Underground History of American Education,” spent nine years and a half-million dollars researching this very question. He asks:

“If you can’t be guaranteed even minimal results by these institutions, not even physical safety; if you can’t be guaranteed anything except that you’ll be arrested if you fail to surrender your kid, just what does the public in public schools mean?” (Prologue, Bianca)

In a speech given at a homeschooling conference in Vermont, Gatto spills-the-beans on the “industrial titans of the 1890’s” and its cooperative attempt to mass produce a society, void of any sense of self individuality, morals, American free spirit or independence and that will appreciatively spend their lives running their factories. This mass of people would need to be dumb and mindless, people who believe that “the difference between Coke and Pepsi is worth arguing about.” Public education was “redefined after the 19th century Germanic fashion” as “a means to achieve important economic and social goals for the national character.” Referring to an article in a current Foreign Affairs Magazine that was written by the owner of U.S. News, Mort Zukerman, Gatto asserts, “The fantastic wealth of American big business is a direct result of school training. Schools training a lump to be needy, frightened, envious, bored, talentless and incomplete. The successful mass-production economy demands such and audience.”

Gatto goes on to say that,

Schools were conceived to serve the economy and the social order rather than kids and families- that is why it is compulsory. As a consequence, the school cannot help anybody grow up, because its prime directive is to retard maturity. It does that by teaching that everything is difficult, that other people run our lives, and that our neighbors are untrustworthy, even dangerous.

He states that, “Social thinkers have speculated for millennia, that a political state which successfully seizes control of the young, could perform economic miracles. (Gatto, Vermont)

Gatto includes the first report issued by John D. Rockerfeller’s General Education Board. The following is their first mission statement:

As our education conventions of intellectual and character education fade from their dreams people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present minds and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into men of learning or philosophers, or men of science. We have not to raise up from them authors, educators, poets or men of letters, great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, statesmen, politicians, creatures of whom we have ample supply. That task is simple. We will organize children and teach them in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are  doing in an imperfect way. (Occasional Letter No.1. of the General Education Board)

Gatto asserst that:

(T)he real purpose of modern schooling was announced by the legendary sociologist Edward Roth in his manifesto of 1906 called SOCIAL CONTROL. In it Roth wrote, “Plans are underway to replace the family, community and church with propaganda, mass-media and education (of course he meant schooling) … people are only little plastic lumps of dough.”

Using schools as the principal forge, the building blocks for a self-perpetuating ruling dynasty, organized on scientific principles, moved into place during the first five decades of the 20th century. Obstacles like religion, tradition, family, the natural rights gauranteed by our founding documents were steadily beaten back.

How uncannily close does this depiction of our public school system line up with the communist manifesto?

…Abolition of the family… Do you charge us with wanting to stop the exploitation of children by their parents? To this crime we plead guilty. But, you say, we destroy the most hallowed of relations when we replace home education by social.

Consider these astounding findings that have been gathered as a result of evaluations done by independent corporations as well as the State Department of Education and local districts:

  • Home schoolers out perform public schoolers by 30 to 37 percentile points
  • Kids who home school all their years have the highest academic achievement
  • Among home schoolers, race has no affect on academic performance; while in public schools there is a sharp contrast between white and minority students test scores
  • The amount of money spent on education has no significant bearing on academic performance
  • State regulations on home schooling has virtually no impact on academic outcome disproving the belief that home schoolers need government intervention
  • There is no difference in test scores between the few students whose parents held a credential and those whose parents didn’t.
  • The average home schooled student spends only sixteen hour per week in structured, preplanned schooling.
  • Home schooled children whose parents were being criminally charged for exercising their right to teach their own children scored on the average in the 80th percentile.
  • The greatest academic gap between public schooled children and home schooled children is in vocabulary. Public schooled children scored in the 49th percentile. Home schooled children scored in the 80th percentile (HSLDA Academic Stats)

Why is there such a fight against home education in our country in spite of this irrefutable evidence of it’s benefits? Who has any right to tell me what I need to teach my children and when? When did my children become the property of the government? If my child is able to read, write and calculate proficiently, he is educated. Why are they trying to fix what is not broken? The right to educate our children without outside interference is a fundamental liberty that needs to be protected. Is this not still America- the land of the FREE?

I understand that home education is not an option for everyone, and neither does everyone want to home school their children. That is their choice- or at least, should be their choice. The point of this article is not to idolize home education but rather to give it the praise that it has earned. The problem in our educational system isn’t home education. Home educators are doing a great job. Perhaps its time to find our educational reform by looking to our home schools and asking, what are you doing right?




An Antidote for Poisonous Beliefs about Self

Its not what happened to us that continues to bring us pain, but rather the message or the meaning that we took away. That is what needs to be challenged.

Neutral and Poisonous Messages

Neutral messages are usually factual. They tell about something that happened. At the time, it might have been very painful. But a neutral message taken away will heal. Poisonous  messages or meanings you might give are personal perceptions. They are core beliefs that distort your self-perception. They are like bacteria in the wound. They prevent it from healing completely and can even make it worse and eventually infect our entire system if they are not taken care of. A poisonous message needs an antidote- a new, positive message without distortion.

Below are some examples of neutral verses poisonous messages. The first message is the neutral or original message. The following are about the meanings we give and therefore take away a poisonous message.

  • What they did to me was wrong ……..  I was stupid and deserved what I got. I shouldn’t have been in that place. I provoked them. I am bad. I cause people to do bad things.
  • They were not good parents…… My parents would have been happier without me. I was a brat. I deserved some of what I got. I provoked them. I am no good. Nobody loves me. 
  • Her death was unexpected….. I should have seen it coming. I never told her I loved her and now she is gone. I am all alone now. I better not get close to anyone again because they could die too. Life is cruel.  
  • He treats me with disrespect….. I must not be worthy of respect. He sees how stupid I am. I need to earn his respect. He is better than me. I am worthless. 
  • She is so condescending…. I irritate her. I must have an irritating personality. I am disgusting. I am not lovable. I have no value. 
  • I was not invited ….  Nobody likes me. I must be boring. I am different than everyone else. I have no personality.

Steps to Healing

  1. Take something that causes you pain whenever it comes to mind- that hurts as much or even more than when it took place.
  2. Write down the incident in a paraphrase, just enough to evoke the hurtful emotions. Then write down why it hurts. Write the messages and meanings you took away from it.
  3. Rewrite the incident and bring in a new ending, message and meaning. Create one from a healthy adult perspective.
  4. Finally, take the new messages and put them on post-its to read everyday for a week or more. This will water and feed the new seed so it can flourish in your life.

Here is an example:

When I was around eight, my older sister and I were decorating for a birthday party.  I was arguing with her about the colors of the streamers and how we were putting them up. Suddenly, from seemingly out of nowhere, I was slapped full-force across the face and went spinning. When I peered up, I saw the angry red face of my dad, as he spewed out at me, “You better just shut your mouth missy before you get worse than that. Just do what your sister says. You are lucky you are even getting a birthday party you ungrateful brat!”

For years, and I mean YEARS, whenever that memory came I would cringe inside. Not about being slapped, but because of the messages I took away- my opinion doesn’t matter, my voice is worthless and I better keep quiet. I am such an ungrateful brat. My very presence evokes extreme anger and hate.

Now, this message was poisonous. It leaked through my entire system and touched every aspect of my life. Whenever someone in my life was angry or irritated the poison seeped out. I blamed myself- my presence evokes anger and hate. If I tried to speak my perspective and it was not well received, the venom went deeper- your opinion and voice are worthless. You better keep your mouth shut! If I did not like something, I was an ungrateful brat. These messages, and more from other painful experiences, snuffed out the true essence of my spirit and left me a shell of a human being.

One day, while doing some inner child work, I dealt with this account. I went in as a healthy adult would. I imagined my adult self walking in and seeing the whole thing. I imagined my adult self yelling at my dad, “What the hell are you doing? Who do you think YOU are slapping a little helpless child a fraction of your size like that? 

I then took my child-self up into my arms and out of that situation. I consoled her. I told her that she should have never been slapped like that. I let her know how wrong what her dad did to her was. I let her know that everybody argues sometimes and that does not make us ungrateful and bad- and it does NOT warrant being slapped by anybody.  I gave her space to cry and to tell me why she felt frustrated with her sister. I validated her as a person with emotions and personal preferences and these are what make her unique and beautiful. Most importantly, I gave her back her voice!

energy shiftingShe was left with a different ending and a new message: she was loved, valued, cared about, beautiful, honored.

This exercise dealt with a core message that was poisoning my present day experiences. Bringing this into awareness has worked like an antidote, changing for the better the way I perceive and ingest the happenings in my life today.

The next time a dark memory comes up and haunts you, take time to meet it head on. Apply the exercises above. Share with us how they changed your self-perception!

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The Wisdom of Weeding

daisyGrasp this concept. Every good gardener knows that a beautiful garden begins with weeding. And then weeding has to be maintained.

Now apply this to other areas of your life. You want a nice, clean organized home? Identify and get rid of all the weeds- all the things that clutter and disorganize your home. You want your relationship with your partner to be more romantic and passionate? Identify all the things that suck away the nutrients of that relationship and get rid of them. You want to feel beautiful and healthy? Identify and get rid of all those things that make you feel sickly and ugly.

Really, the entire concept behind weeding a garden can be life transforming. Once the weeds are removed, then we can clearly see what remains and what needs to be added. We can begin to create what we most desire.

Is there an area of your life you feel frustrated with and unhappy about? Sit down with your journal and make a mental diagram of what you wish it to be like or feel like. Next. identify the weeds – the things that don’t belong in the picture; then, go to work on uprooting those things. Once the weeds are removed, start adding to the picture what you desire.

Ask yourself, “How do I want this relationship to feel? How do I want my home to feel? How do I want to feel in my own skin? Apply this exercise to any other problem area in your life, and watch the magic of co-creation happen!

Always remember, we get out of life what we put into it! Take time this weekend to dream and create the life you truly want to manifest.

O Death Where is Thy Sting? The Way to Peace and Freedom

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. ~Mark Twain

All the wars in this world are led by a few key people. Millions of human lives march to the drums of someone else’s beat.  So many want peace, but until the majority of people can get to a place of real freedom- the ability to fly with your own wings or march to your own beat- and allow other people the same freedom, war will continue to flourish. Because, if one cannot be free themselves, neither can they allow someone else that freedom.

Control of other people is the root of all evil. This does not contradict what the bible says about the love of money, for why does someone want to be rich? The word “rich” is relevant to the society that you live in and therefore implies that others are poor. To be rich is to have an upper hand over the poor. It is to have a measure of control. In some cases you may not recognize your need to be in control, but most everyone has that neediness within and it is by this detraction that we are not able to be authentic and free. How does one overcome the need to be powerful, or better, or bigger than someone else? How does someone come to a place of real inner freedom- a place of peace and acceptance of who we truly are? That place is found where ever the sting of death is removed.

Let us look into the teachings of the Bible with a fresh perspective. Step away from preconceived ideas tainted by religious piousness.

“Oh death where is thy sting? The sting of death is sin and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God who gives us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 50:55-57

Until we make peace with death, we will never be able to be completely free and to live this life authentically and to the fullest. Without victory over death, we will not be able to let go of trying to control life and the people around us; we will be unable to fully embody this experience through authenticity and co-creation. And without this embodiment, peace and lasting happiness will evade us.

I propose that Christ did not come to make us religious, or to change our behavior, but rather to change our minds. The sting of death is the law, because a large part of this world has the perception that “God” is an all powerful being with the last word on what is going to happen; and unless you are behaving correctly (his LAW) and believing the right thing, he is going to punish you forever in a tormenting hell. Many men and women throughout time have taken full advantage of this ever-present fear of death- the day of ones reckoning, and hereby taken control over peoples minds and lives.

Hence we spend our time here on earth at war with ourselves. We resist normal, human experiences and emotions, all in the name of “holiness” or “righteousness,” or “being good.” Consequently, “what we resist, persists.” Mankind has become so fearful of death that they do whatever it takes to avoid it. There is so much underlying fear of death’s reckoning, that people will go to great lengths in order to rid the world of preconceived evils. Indeed, most of the world’s horrific genocides have been done in the name of religion. Christ came to set us free and in order to be set free, we needed a change of mind.

Spirit- is just that- a spirit– the great all-encompassing spirit that abides in all of life. When we ask for the Christ-spirit, we are asking to be anointed. This anointing is freedom from the battle with ourselves and enables us to live with ease. Christ said, “I came to give you an abundant life.”  He sets us free from that inward battle by removing the sting of death which is the LAW! There is no longer a law to measure ourselves by or to struggle over. We are fee to live and experience this life to the fullest.

Each one of us is very unique and no two perspective will ever be identical. Problems arise when people begin to think the way they see things is the only right way to see. Yet there is no possible way for one person to have a perfect understanding of another person’s perspective. Therefore, there is no possible way for any two people to see eye-to-eye. Everything in this world is relevant- nothing is exact.

Christ came to change the mindset of the human experience from looking to everyone else for our answers. Christ taught, “The Kingdom of God is within you” … “You are gods.” Unfortunately changing humanity’s mind has been the single most difficult task of this world. Fear is tormenting and as long as fear is able to have the upper-hand, rather than LOVE, people will continue down the path of religiosity which tries to control and change the world through a single perspective; that is simply impossible! The only thing that will bring lasting change to this world is LOVE set free from the sting of death- the belief that God is a tyrannical ruler in the heavens getting ready to punish the majority of mankind through pain and torture. Christ didn’t come to set us free from anything but our brainwashed mindset.

I know by experience that when you begin to earnestly seek and pray to be set free from preconditioned religious thinking, you will experience a paradigm shift that will rock your entire existence. But it is those earth-shattering conflicts that ultimately open the prison doors and set us FREE!

Five Powerful Steps to Evoke Change in Any Situation

Do you want change?

  1. “Promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate.”  Whatever you focus on is where your energy and time are being spent; and what you give your energy and time to, focuswill increase. For example, perhaps you want your relationship with your spouse to improve- you want more romance, more attention and such. If your focus is on the lack of those things within the relationship, then the lack will increase. Instead, focus on what is right about the relationship and how you can add more richness to it.

Another example may be a societal change you want to see. Perhaps gun-control is a deep concern for you. Maybe you are worried that your right to bear arms is being threatened.  Focus on the reasons why bearing arms is a good idea, rather than on what will happen if you are “disarmed.” Give your time, attention and energy to promoting gun-safety and responsibility rather than bashing those that oppose guns.

  1. “Be the change that you want to see.” Feel and express yourself as if you are already enjoying the state of change you desire. When a love-relationship is romantic and passionate, you may smile more often, do extra little things for your special someone, dress a little sharper and wear cologne. Playing the part is a good place to start!

Someone who desires to retain the right to bear arms will simply bear arms, and practice safety and responsibility, being that example for others to see it is possible.

  1. Walk a mile in the oppositions shoes. Take their position for a while. Listen to their reasoning. When we just shake our fist and declare our position is the right position, we get absolutely nowhere. It only fuels the opposing side. No matter how right we believe we may be, there is another side to the story and we need to have a good understanding of it and respect for those who have opposing views.

IndifferenceThis is especially true in relationships. Many times family members lose their closeness because they take liberties that they would not take with a stranger. They feel because they are family they can just push their weight around and say exactly what they think with little consideration of the other’s feelings and views. Not only does this not help to bring someone to your point of view, it drives a wedge between you and your loved one that may never be able to be repaired.

This is seen in parent/child relationships quite often. A child begins so show his independent thinking and it does not line up with what the parent believes to be right; the parent has a knee-jerk reaction and tries to plow out the unwanted thinking without ever trying to understand why their child has come to that conclusion. If you won’t listen in order to truly understand someone, they most certainly are not going to hear what you have to say, because they know in their heart you have no idea what you’re talking about. You have not even taken the time to hear and understand them.

oppositionMany of today’s issues have fierce opposing views; abortion, immunizations, religious freedom, sexual orientation, etc… these all have very strong arguments on both sides; Taking time to thoroughly understand where the other side is coming from and not just bashing them because they do not see it like you do, is essential to finding a real solution that everyone can work with. Calling people names like stupid, evil and fanatical will never bring someone to see your point of view. When you are really willing to respectfully listen to and understand, with empathy, their point of view, then doors will open for you to be understood as well.

It is then that we find common ground; it is here that we come to appreciate the fact that we are all human, just wanting to feel safe, secure and happy in this world we are currently experiencing. Taking an arrogant, mocking, superior position will never build bridges. There is nothing about any of us that is superior to someone else. We may be more learned in a certain area, but that doesn’t make us superior to another human being.

4. Make sure the change you desire to see is for the benefit of all involved. Whether you call it karma or reaping what you sow, or you get back what you put in, or “you made the bed now sleep in it,” the point is, do not misuse your personal power to change as a tool of manipulation. Be considerate of all life.

5. Be grateful. Morning, noon and night, as often and you think about it, give thanks continually. There is always something we can find in every situation to be thankful for. Whenever you find yourself feeding the negative monster or bashing what you hate, the quickest and surest remedy is to start naming to yourself all that you have to be thankful for in that given moment.

These five steps are powerful and can evoke the change that you desire to see in any situation. Whether it is a relationship, a personal need or a societal condition, by diligently practicing these steps you will begin to see improvement and the light of hope shining bright on the horizon.

So Much Life to be Lived

095B~Photo taken at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse Station