Am I Nobody?

Morning wakes us with a start; some of us rush into the day with no time to spare. Others lag around in their sleep-wear, sip on warm liquid and contemplate the day ahead. Then, there is that morning, where you find yourself alone, with more choices about how to spend your time than you care […]

Do I Need a Therapist?

  Just short of turning 40 I began to noticed that with each passing day I was becoming more and more depressed. This took me by surprise because I had always been a pretty positive, upbeat person. After a while I also began having frequent nightmares and it wasn’t long following that I had an […]

Five Clues that Your Authentic Self is Hiding

Today, nearly every personal development forum out there is teaching the importance of authenticity.  But what is authenticity? What exactly is does is mean to be authentic? The web dictionary defines authentic as “genuine or real; Not false or copied.” That in of itself explains a lot, but the problem with such a blunt description […]