Voice of God CoverNew and Revised!

Have you just left a church or want to leave one and feel confused and scared? Are you not sure what to believe in? Have you been hurt by religion? Then this book may hold the validation, courage, comfort, strength and insight your need.

The Voice of God Within
began as a personal journal where I recorded what I was learning when I started to tune out all the voices outside myself telling me who God is and what he expected of me, and began to courageously listen to my own heart. “The Voice of God Within” passionately recounts my experience of finding true soul freedom.

This book will challenge you to take a step away from politically correct religion and its dogma and become more intimately acquainted with the unique voice of God within your own soul.

Understanding that no two perspectives can be identical you will find a fresh take on commonly quoted scriptures, exercises that will unlock your own inner guidance system, and a candid look at the psychological mindset of one taken captive by a controlling persuasions, as I share my personal experiences with religion.

One day I discovered my wings and I left behind the walls of sectism, with a new vision for soul freedom and restoration of who we really are from the inside out!

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