Be Okay with Past Mistakes


“You don’t have to hold yourself hostage to who you used to be or anything you ever used to do, because, who has lived and hasn’t made mistakes?” -Oprah Winfrey

How many times a day, a week, a month do you mull over past mistakes? How many times do you kick yourself for the way you handled something in the past? How many regrets do you count up?  In a nutshell, Oprah says it all- quit holding yourself hostage! Everyone makes mistakes. For the most part, life is hindsight; None of us come into this world with a book on how to live perfectly, without making any mistakes. We just begin living and learning by what feels good and what feels bad.

When we hold ourselves hostage to past mistakes, essentially we are repeating scenes in our mind that made us feel bad about our self. You cannot continuously feel bad about yourself and have love and compassion for yourself at the same time. And you cannot withhold love and compassion from yourself and feel fulfilled and happy. Repeating or reliving our past mistakes will keep us in a low-vibration and attract more low vibration manifestation into our experience.

Mistakes are part of the journey, part of the learning process. Without mistakes life would lose its appeal, for it is mistakes that drive us to higher ground, that challenge us to become more, that deepen our character. Granted, some mistakes leave a trail of tears; some mistakes have more serious implications than others. But where is the growth without them? Take the lessons you learned and leverage it forward. Let it make you wiser not weaker.

If you wronged someone, do the best you can to make right; Then move on- with or without their approval. Evaluate what happened and what propelled you in a wrong direction. Determine that will never happen again. Learn from it. Let it make you stronger and fortify your integrity. Use the mistake for good. No amount of mulling over anything in the past will change it or make it different.

Realize today at a very deep level that you will get to the end of your life and look back and wish you had done some things differently. Because, again, life is hindsight. But for today, let go of worry about making more mistakes because of past mistakes.


Because, I believe the biggest regret any of us will have is the regret of playing everything safe so we wouldn’t make a mistake, and consequently missing out on so much of this life’s journey. You are not your mistakes. Let them go.

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” Mahatma Gandhi

“We learn from failure, not from success.” -Bram Stoker

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” -Elbert Hubbard

“What a waste my life would be without all the beautiful mistakes I’ve made.” -Alice Bag


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2 thoughts on “Be Okay with Past Mistakes

  1. “Let it make you wiser, not weaker”. This is my mantra for today that will remind me to not beat myself up. I play in my mind daily the scenes from my whole life I regret; the time when I was 7 and made my brother cry, etc. The strive for perfection in every action is unrealistic. We are not plastic dolls or robots and this post will remind me of that! Thank you

    1. Thank you Joycelyn for your feedback. So glad you have a new mantra to replace those old, worn out tapes. Sending you a cyber (((hug)))

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