Hello and welcome to High Vibes Life.
I am Elizabeth Van Cleve.

High Vibes life is all about living a magical life. It’s about exploration and discovery; it’s about healing; it’s about owning your truth and reclaiming your personal power; it’s about being committed to yourself.

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Understanding the Law of Attraction has enabled me to realize my own magical, goddess power and has developed within me a furious passion to see the world afire with awakened and free spirited souls.  Writing, Singing, dancing, exploring, eating, laughing, friendship, family, nature and learning are some of life’s joys that make me come alive. Anything that heightens yours sense of happiness and well-being will positively affect your energetic vibrations. Like the old Indian parable of the two wolves within, what we feed is what will thrive. If we feed the negative low vibrations, then the negative and base things of this world will thrive. But if we consistently nourish the higher vibrations, then this world will fill up with joy and love. It is an unalterable universal law. 

Aspiring a “High Vibes Life” means emotionally healing, physically improving, and spiritually awakening- it is making rest of your life the BEST of your life!

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‘The Voice of God Within: An Inward Journey of Discovery and Restoration a fresh perspective on spirituality, especially to those who are rehearsed in traditional Christianity. It chronicles my experience within, and eventually coming out of, religious systems and learning to trust my own inner guidance system. The book offers exercises at the end of each chapter designed to help you listen to and trust your own inner guidance system.

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You can also find me on Twitter, FacebookPinterest , Google, and Instagram