Meet the Author


Hi! I'm Elizabeth Van Cleve, author of High Vibes Life and the book "The Voice of God within."

I've been married for 25+ years, lived in the same home even longer, raised three children, several dogs, cats, chickens and gardens; I just finished an AA in psychology and am currently working on a paranormal thriller.

I have a unique perspective on life, seeded and sprouted in a childhood home commingled with deep religious convictions, fanaticism, alcoholism, abuse, sibling camaraderie, and a life-float of laughter.

As an adult I spent over 18 years as a fundamental Christian, dotting all my "i's" and crossing all my "t's" to make sure I pleased an otherwise angry god. I hid from the scary world I had entered as a baby behind the walls of religious piety.

My awakening began in my 40's after battling depression and working with a therapist to heal from childhood trauma. My paradigm has been radically shifted and daily I am making new discoveries about this incredible journey called life.

High Vibes life is all about reaching for the magical. It's about exploration and discovery; it's about healing; it's about owning our truth and reclaiming sovereignty over our life; it's about being committed to yourself.

I invite you to read my book -a spiritual self-help book especially for those who feel bound to a religious sect by chains of fear.

As I evolve I share my inspirations for a happier, healthier experience through recipes, poetry, knowledge, wisdom gained and a few hand-made products.

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