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Hi! I’m Elizabeth Van Cleve, author of High Vibes Life and the book “The Voice of God within.”

I’ve been married for 25+ years, lived in the same home even longer, raised three children, several dogs, cats, chickens and gardens. I just finished an AA in psychology and am currently working on a paranormal thriller.

I have a unique perspective on life, seeded and sprouted in a childhood home commingled with deep religious convictions, fanaticism, alcoholism, abuse, sibling camaraderie, and a life-float of laughter.

As an adult I spent over 18 years as a fundamental Christian, dotting all my “i’s” and crossing all my “t’s” to make sure I pleased an otherwise angry god. I hid from the scary world behind the walls of religious piety.

My awakening began in my 40’s after battling depression and working with a therapist to heal from childhood trauma. For the first time in my life I understood that I had been dis-empowered from the start, and as I healed I also began learning how to take my personal power back.

Naturally I have become a passionate advocate for the others who have a similar traumatic beginning, for the one whose self perception is less than awesome, and for those who crawl through life with unhealed wounds.

I understand the long, difficult road back to self. I spent years directing all the rage at who I saw in the mirror. I’ve experienced the terror of revisiting the abuse and the heart crushing pain of facing the truth of my abusers and what they inflicted upon me at such a vulnerable age. And through my healing journey, I have found the courage to confront them, the fortitude to work through and change the distorted picture, the determination to find myself, and the power to reclaim my life.

High Vibes Life is about taking a journey within to find restoration and healing.


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