Watermelon or Gatorade?

If you are looking to stay hydrated, you may want eat to your hearts content some sweet, juicy, icy cold WATERMELON!

Many people stock up on Gatorade to keep up their Electrolytes as they hydrate. Gatorade does provide salt, sodium citrate, and monopotassium phosphate.

But Gatorade also contains artificial dyes, preservatives, brominated vegetable oil and glycerol ester of wood rosin- all of which are unnatural for human consumption and can potentially be dangerous to the body if consumed in high doses.

Watermelon, will not only quench your thirst and hydrate your body, but it will provide electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, fiber and sustenance- for a great day.

In fact, fasting a day or two on nothing but watermelon- eating lots and lots of this beautiful red, luscious fruit will cleanse and revitalize you.

Try it!

Remember: Every step you take up that vibrational ladder has a ripple effect!


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