Welcome to High Vibes Life!

If you feel a little lost, a bit depressed and/or feel that your life is not everything it could be, High Vibes Life may be your godsend. We are specifically designed to assist people like you in discovering your extraordinary self!


Beginning with where you are we will help you go back to the foundation of every extraordinary life.

It all begins with self-love. I’m not just talking about putting on a loving attitude toward yourself. I am talking about that self love that you were born with- that pure, positive appreciation for your magnificence and beauty. That love that knew no bounds. Without a true and genuine self-love, no amount of success will ever bring you the happiness and fulfillment that you are seeking.

Then, once self-love is ignited and burning passionately we help you to take back your life through personal sovereignty. Through reclaiming the authority over your life you find your strength and personal power.

Lastly we guide you in shedding the layers of false selves that have accumulated over the years when a healthy self-love was not in place.  You will be challenged and intrigued as you slowly get back in touch with your authenticity- your extraordinary!

That’s it!

Sounds simple. Yes, but not easy.

Unhealthy habits, distorted beliefs, critical inner dialogue and so much more have to be dislodged and reformed. Here at High Vibes Life we offer guidance, support and years of wisdom we gained taking our own journey to restoration of self, happiness and fulfillment.

In our blog section you will find helpful articles that will give you deeper insight.

In our books and courses section you will find a book I self-published when I left a fundamental christian church after almost 18 years of faithful service and what I learned and how I grew stronger and wiser. And very soon we will be offering helpful courses to systematically lead you through these critical stages and help you avoid pitfalls that can delay your progress.

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