Why Do I Keep Creating the Same Thing?


Answering a question concerning yesterdays post:

Thank you Elizabeth. A really interesting article which I totally understand. What I don’t understand – and maybe you could answer it for me – I have cleared out so much usable trash to the charity shops this year, but the space has been refilled! Bizarre!

The exercise I gave in my article “Taking Out the Trash” had three parts to it-

  1. The physical aspect- seeing and then removing from your environment that which does not add to your happiness and well-being.
  2. The intellectual– noticing and acknowledging any conflicts that arise as you clean out the area and releasing these thought forms with gratitude.
  3. The spiritual– praying, meditating, and seeking Spirit for new vision.

I believe that we are all made of body, mind and spirit. Hence my “High Vibes Life” vision is the healing of all three of these aspects. I believe that they are all interconnected and what affects one affects the others.

Louise Hay is a pioneer in directly connecting physical ailments with unhealthy thinking. When the psyche absorbs and holds unhealthy thought forms, the body is affected and the spirit is affected. The connection to our higher self, or to source energy, is obscured. Therefore, healing involves all three aspects of the person.

I also believe we are co-creators of our reality and that all creation begins with thought. It is easy to envision this when considering the creations of Walt Disney. What movie would ever have been made, what amusement park would have ever been created, if someone had not first thought up a story? And then someone else thought of a way to bring that story more to life? And then a way was thought to become even more interactive with that story.

All creation begins with thought. Abraham Hicks often says, “Belief is only a thought that someone keeps thinking.” So even belief systems, religions and cultures- everything begins with thoughts both individually and collectively.

And so, we are first spirit- or consciousness- that has a persistent thought (mind) that becomes a belief and manifests (physical).

Now think of everything on an energetic level that has a huge spectrum of color and vibrations. The lowest vibrations feel negative and unhealthy. The highest vibrations feel heavenly and euphoric. In our creation we experience the entire spectrum and come to the conclusion that we want to create more high vibrations because they feel better. In other words, we go through some very negative stuff and realize that we do not want to feel that way anymore nor do we want others to feel that way. We begin to try and figure out how to create a better world for ourselves. However, we have already created an existence with much low vibrational thought forms. So in order to reverse this, we need to clean house.

Cleaning up our creation involves all three aspects- spirit, mind and body. If we only involve one of these, if we only clean up the physical, but neglect to clean up the other two, the same reality will keep manifesting. The most important cleaning job is the mind, because that is where creation begins. So the practice of acknowledging what has been created, showing gratitude for it and what we learned and experienced through it and then setting it free or letting it go is pivotal to creating something new.

I know this may seem overwhelming to some, but if you reread it several times over the next month or so, it will begin to make so much sense.

You asked about why your space filled right back in when you emptied it. That is what your thought forms are currently creating. We have to change our thought forms long enough and consistently enough to where they become a belief and manifest something new.

We see this same phenomenon in individuals seeking to lose weight. They lose weight, but not too long afterward, gain it all back. That is because they have not thought of themselves as strong, healthy, and fit long enough to believe it. The old beliefs that they are overweight, lazy, etc… are still stronger. Sometimes we have to do deeper work to uproot these beliefs. Other times, simply writing affirmations and consistently repeating them helps. But affirmations only help if you can believe them. If it only feels like a mockery of what is, it can be more of a hindrance.

So my advice in answering this question would be to incorporate all the steps when you clean your space. If you really want that stuff in your space, and it adds to your happiness and well-being, then do not worry about it. We are only cleaning out what no longer serves us in our happy evolution.

Remember that all creation begins with a thought- which is thought long enough to become a belief. That is where intention comes in. Envision what you want to create in as much detail as possible.

Here is an exercise I do that helps. I will sit on my couch or in a room I want to change. I will look around it quickly, taking in the overall structure of the room. Now, close your eyes and pretend you are an artist that is going to paint the room into something beautiful. Put no limits on it. Just create in your imagination. When you are done, open your eyes and notice everything in the room that does not fit in with that Creation. Then you will know what to remove- which is the beginning of creating something new.

I hope this has been helpful.

Thank you for your question.

Much love and peace to you all!



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